Torremolinos festivals

Torremolinos festivals

The festivals in Torremolinos are some of the most popular in the Costa del Sol, positioning it in visitors’ minds as a town that never sleeps and that always has a popular festival, event or activity to offer visitors. It aims to turn a tourist getaway into a memorable experience, ideal to enjoy with friends.


Torremolinos is a coastal town famous for its active nightlife, numerous festivals and atmosphere which is welcoming to the LGBTIQ+ community, which is why it welcomes thousands of visitors each year looking for fun and to enjoy everything it has to offer. For those wanting to enjoy this unique setting as a group, the best option is to rent a 7-seater car at Malaga airport that you can use to travel with friends so you don’t miss out on anything that is happening in Torremolinos, reaching your destination in just a few minutes.

Popular festivals in Torremolinos

Torremolinos boasts a wide variety of popular celebrations that take place throughout the year and with years of tradition behind it, bringing together locals and visitors to fill the streets with life, music, a welcoming and festive atmosphere. Some of the of the most famous are:

St Michael’s Fair (Feria de San Miguel)

This celebration, also known as the Torremolinos Fair, is famous for being the town’s largest festival. It is celebrated in honour of its patron saint, Saint Michael and usually takes place at the end of September, coinciding with the Saint Day dedicated to this saint. During the day, it is held in the town centre and, at nightfall, it moves to the Fair Ground (Recinto Ferial). The main activity are the different marquee tents with music, dancing and typical dishes from the area for the enjoyment of both tourists and residents.

  • Dates: around September 29
  • Duration: one week
  • Main activities: fair marquees, concerts, performances, and Pilgrimage of Saint Michael (Romería de San Miguel).

Fiesta de las Cruces de Mayo in Torremolinos
Torremolinos San Miguel Fair | laopiniondemalaga

May Crosses (Cruces de Mayo)

For those wanting to visit Torremolinos and take the best photos of the town, the May Crosses (Cruces de Mayo) are a highlight in the town. During this celebration, altars are built and crosses are adorned with flowers in the streets, decorated with ceramics, plants and Manila shawls. This décor is livened up with Flamenco shows held in the streets.

  • Dates: it generally coincides with the first weekend in May.
  • Duration: three days
  • Main activities: floral décor and Flamenco activities in the streets.

Fiesta de las Cruces de Mayo in Torremolinos
Fiesta de las Cruces de Mayo in Torremolinos |

Day of the Little Fish (Día del Pescaito)

Also known as Gastronomic Days of the Little Fish (Jornadas Gastronómicas del Pescaíto), this festival has been celebrated since 1980 in the neighbourhood of La Carihuela. It consists of the distribution of free portions of fried fish to those taking part, accompanied by music and leisure activities. In recent years, this festival has been less prominent, being replaced by the Route of the Little Fish (Ruta del Pescaito), where different establishments compete to serve the best portion of fried fish at an affordable price for those taking part, with a drink included.

  • Dates: the date can vary between June and September.
  • Duration: three days
  • Main activities: culinary route of fried fish with affordable portions and a drink included.

Pescaito Day, where you can try this traditional food
Pescaito Day, where you can try this traditional food |

Festival of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Feria del Carmen)

To celebrate the day of the patron saint of fishermen, Our Lady of Mount Carmel (la Virgen del Carmen), Torremolinos celebrates this day with a fishermen’s mass and a procession through the streets towards the sea, where another mass is held and the procession is transferred to a boat that sails along the coast, one of the most emotional moments for worshippers. All types of leisure activities take place at the same time, with concerts, children’s parties and culinary spaces.

  • Dates: July 16
  • Duration: one day
  • Main activities: procession of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Virgen del Carmen) on a boat along the sea and other cultural, culinary and leisure activities.

Feria del Carmen, patron saint of sailors
Feria del Carmen, patron saint of sailors |

International festivals in Torremolinos

In a town that has welcomed thousands of tourists for many years and which has an increasing number of foreigners living in it, the most popular festivals in Torremolinos have diversified, with festivals in honour of other cultures also starting to be celebrated. Highlights among them include some world-renowned festivals like Oktoberfest or St Patrick’s Day, but also others that are less well-known among Spaniards.

Diwali Festival

The Hindu New Year celebration, also known as the Festival of Lights, is usually held in October in the popular Plaza La Nogalera and Hindu locals celebrate the new year which is governed in their culture by the lunar calendar. During this time, the streets are filled with special lights and activities associated with the art of Indian folklore take place, with dances, Mehndi or henna tattoos and a craft market.

  • Dates: last Saturday in October
  • Duration: between three and five days
  • Main activities: street decorations and celebration of Hindu activities.

Explosion of colour in Diwali
Explosion of colour in Diwali |


With a high percentage of the population being of Dutch nationality, another festival that Torremolinos has started to celebrate in recent years is Koningsdag or Holland Day, a festival that brings together handicrafts, gastronomy and cultural activities belonging to the Dutch culture. Typically, participants dress in orange, the colour that characterises this nation.

  • Dates: April 27
  • Duration: one day
  • Main activities: cultural activities, street markets and stalls of Dutch food.

Festival of Cultures

To represent the more than 120 nationalities living alongside each other in Torremolinos, this festival is a meeting point between cultures, with 16 countries represented on an artistic, culinary and cultural level over several days. It takes place in Plaza de La Nogalera and is a colourful celebration that will enable visitors to travel the world without stepping foot outside of the Costa del Sol.

  • Dates: mid-June
  • Duration: four days
  • Main activities: cultural activities, street markets and performances from different nationalities.

Torremolinos Pride

One of the festivals that has become more prominent in recent years is Torremolinos Pride, a festival that advocates for equality and tolerance towards the LGBTIQ+ community in a pioneering town in terms of the defence of gay rights in Spain. This festival boasts its own parade, concerts with nationally renowned artists, exhibitions and activities that are held in Plaza de La Nogalera.

  • Dates: beginning of June
  • Duration: five days
  • Main activities: parades, concerts, exhibitions and activities to advocate for the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Torremolinos Pride
Torremolinos Pride |

Other festivals in Torremolinos

In addition to this list of celebrations that are held in Torremolinos, there are a plethora of smaller events and festivals where music, customs and gastronomy join forces to delight visitors.

Music festivals in Torremolinos

Music is one of the central themes of any festival in Torremolinos. However, in recent years, a variety of different events have emerged in which music has played the star role. One of the most famous is the Rockin’Race Jamboree, a rockabilly and swing festival that takes place at the end of February.

 With the arrival of summer, one of the most popular times of year in terms of tourism in the town, other festivals are held such as Mad Bear Festival, one of the most famous gay bear festivals in Europe. Torremolinos is also home to the Flamenco Festival, which has been celebrated for more than 20 years to highlight the area’s typical folklore and welcomes renowned artists from the sector.

National festivals in Torremolinos

In addition to the local and cultural celebrations that take place in this town, Torremolinos also celebrates some national festivals that resonate throughout the country, such as Christmas, with Christmas markets, and one of the largest Three Kings’ Parades (Cabalgatas de Reyes Magos) in the province. Easter, a religious festival which is deeply rooted in Andalusia attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to its uniqueness.

On the other hand, another extremely significant festival in this coastal town is the Eve of San Juan, where locals light bonfires on the beach and enjoy the eve of this magical night that marks the start of the summer by burning their wishes on the fire and taking a dip in the sea when midnight strikes.

Other events in Torremolinos

In addition to all of these celebrations, this town in the Costa del Sol is also home to numerous bars and beach clubs in Torremolinos where the party feel and atmosphere remain constant all year round. There are also events focussed on honouring visitors, like the Day of the Tourist (Día del Turista), which takes place on the first Thursday in September, with traditional acts and culinary tasting sessions.

Tourist Day, in honour of foreign visitors
Tourist Day, in honour of foreign visitors |

Other highlights include Oktoberfest, the Birra & Art Beerfest, Carnival or the Day of Andalusia (Día de Andalucía), a varied range of celebrations designed to ensure that Torremolinos always has a reason to celebrate and enjoy with its inhabitants and visitors alike.

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