Malaga Airport Parking Rates

Discover why we are the preferred choice for parking your vehicle near Malaga Airport. By choosing us, you`re not only opting for a secure and reliable parking service, but also for affordable rates that fit your budget. Get to know us and find out why our Malaga airport parking prices are the smart choice to start your journey with peace of mind.

Rate for
1 or 2 days


Rate for
3 to 6 days

  • ✔ Indoor parking
  • ✔ Shuttle service
  • ✔ 24-hour surveillance
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Weekly rate
9,28€ / day
  • ✔ Indoor parking
  • ✔ Shuttle service
  • ✔ 24-hour surveillance
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Monthly rate
7,16€ / day
  • ✔ Indoor parking
  • ✔ Shuttle service
  • ✔ 24-hour surveillance
  • ✔ Free exterior wash
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Quarterly rate
6€ / day
  • ✔ Indoor parking
  • ✔ Shuttle service
  • ✔ 24-hour surveillance
  • ✔ Free exterior wash
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Additional Services from CarGest Parking

Beyond simply parking your vehicle, we offer options to maximize your comfort and care for your car. From a spotless exterior wash to meticulous interior cleaning, our services are designed to leave your vehicle sparkling and ready for your return.

Service Rate
Car Exterior Wash 6€
Car Complete Wash 20€
SUV Exterior Wash 8€
SUV Complete Wash 25€
Van Exterior Wash 10€
Van Complete Wash 40€

Pick-up LocationMalaga Airport (AGP), Costa del Sol, Spain

AddressAvenida Garcia Morato 42, 29004 - Malaga

Phone+34 952 17 35 20

Service24 hours

OfficeM-S 08:00 AM-09:00 PM

Frequently asked questions

If I`m leaving my car for more than 10 days and I don`t want the free exterior wash, how can I indicate this?

If my car has a scratch, how much would it cost to fix it at Cargest Parking?

If I have problems making a reservation, who can I contact?

How do I notify my arrival if it`s not at the time indicated in the parking reservation?

How can I extend the number of days reserved at Málaga airport parking? How much does it cost to modify my reservation?

How can I reserve a parking spot?

How can I know if my reservation has been accepted?

Are there transfers from the parking to the airport? Does this transfer involve any additional cost?

Do I need to request a minimum of extras to hire the parking?

What guarantees does my car have?

What happens if the parking staff damages the car?

What if I don`t receive the reservation confirmation email?

Is payment made in advance or upon vehicle collection?

What do I do if I lose my parking ticket?

Is it safe to leave my car keys with the parking staff?

Can I cancel my parking reservation? Is there any cost for cancellation?

Is there a height or type limit for vehicles in the parking?

Is the parking open 24/7?

Is there an additional cost if my flight is delayed and my car stays longer than reserved in the parking?

Are there facilities for people with reduced mobility?

Is the airport transfer service included in the parking price?

Will the parking staff move my car? Why?

Customer reviews

John Smith

Absolutely satisfied with "parking Malaga airport" service. It allowed me to enjoy my vacation without worrying about my car’s safety. Highly recommended!

Lucy Brown

Very convenient and reliable. Used the "parking cargest" service and couldn’t be happier with the customer service and speed. Next time I need parking Malaga airport, I know who to turn to.

James Wilson

Delighted with the "parking Malaga airport" service. Very close to the airport, affordable prices, and very friendly staff. Will repeat for sure.

Emily Taylor

Amazing experience at parking cargest. Very organized, secure, and close to the airport. Definitely the best for parking Malaga airport.