Where to eat in Marbella

Where to eat in Marbella

Marbella is possibly one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Spain. If you are coming to visit with your family or friends and are looking for somewhere to eat in Marbella, we can tell you a secret: Marbella is full of places that turn a delicious breakfast or evening meal into an authentic experience.

Although it is a little further out from the capital, fortunately you can be in Malaga’s culinary paradise in just 50 minutes if you hire a car at Malaga airport, also enabling you to make whichever stops and detours you like.

It is often said that thoughtless eating is nourishing oneself but eating intelligently is an art. Given that you are visiting Spain, the bars and restaurants where you can eat in Marbella have been split into 5 categories: Spanish cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, restaurants specialising in fish, in meat dishes and vegan restaurants.

Restaurants with Spanish cuisine

Spanish cuisine is famous around the world for its variety, since each of this country’s autonomous communities have different culinary traditions. The Mediterranean diet is one of the aces that Spain has in its gastronomy. Marbella offers you the chance to try authentic Spanish cuisine in its different versions and forms. Off we go… enjoy!

Taberna Gaspar. In the old town | Average prices

Are you looking to try main courses of typical cuisine? Taberna Gaspar is the perfect place. From creamy croquettes, bean stews, fried fish dishes or its famous avocado salad, Taberna Gaspar is characterised for its humour and the warm welcome it gives its customers. True authenticity in Marbella’s historic quarter.

codfish in taberna gaspar
Taberna Gaspar – www.tabernagaspar.es

La Bocana. In Puerto Banús | Sea terrace | Average prices

La Bocana is one of the gastronomical paradises and also a chance to visit the infamous Puerto Banús, the heart of Marbella glamour. La Bocana offers everything from the classic salmorejo cold soup and Spanish potato salad (ensaladilla rusa), to anchovies in vinegar and classic Spanish meatballs. And all by the sea. It is well worth heading to one of Europe’s most important marinas and enjoying the many and varied restaurants Puerto Banús has to offer.

interior of la bocana
La Bocana Beach – www.bocanabeachmarbella.com

Erre Urrechu. In hotel Don Pepe | Average to high prices

It is a unique place to understand the art of grills in Spanish cuisine and how to use wood and fire. Erre & Urrechu has anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea and tuna belly as starters, and your mouth will water as soon as you taste the Asturian verdina beans. The north of Spain features strongly on the menu. They specialise in grilled meat and fish accompanied by excellent wines, although they do also have some vegan options.

dishes at erre urrechu
Erre Urrechu – www.melia.com

Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine encompasses gastronomy from a variety of European countries such as Italy, Greece, Malta, Turkey and even some parts of Morocco. It is characterised for using ingredients like olive oil, seasonal homegrown produce, fresh fish and seafood, flour and cereals grown locally. The Mediterranean diet is its common denominator and UNESCO declared it an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013.

Oficina 84. Italian restaurant | Average prices

Italy and Spain are almost first cousins thanks to the history and culture they share. Oficina 84 is the fusion of these two types of cuisine: specifically Italian and from Cadiz. They specialise in making ‘pinsa romana’, yet you may be wondering what is pinsa? Pinsa is like a pizza, but the dough is made using different types of flour, such as rice, soy or wholemeal wheat.

pinsa in office 84
Oficina 84 – www.officina84marbella.com

It looks just like a pizza, but the dough makes it lighter to digest. It originates from Rome, and you can try it at Oficina 84, one of the best Italian restaurants in Marbella. This restaurant also has dishes inspired by Cadiz, such as Tuna Tartare, which share the menu with delicious pastas and desserts.

Caperuza Bistró Bar. In the old town | Average prices

Caperuza Bistró Bar has one of the coast’s most varied fusion menus, where you can find carpaccios, salads and even a small nod to Latin America offering a delicious Ceviche. A mixture of flavours that will leave you with great memories. This restaurant is another example of 100% Mediterranean fusion, with fresh fish, cheeses and pastas.

Zozoi. Old town | Average prices

Zozoi is a classic in Marbella of the Mediterranean mixed with the European. Its owners are originally from Belgium and have lived in Marbella for many years.

fish at zozoi
Zozoi – www.facebook.com

With a cuisine based on fresh local produce, at Zozoi you can try delicious spaghetti with burrata cheese or smoked salmon penne pasta. They offer an incredible guacamole and are famous for their meat dishes and more international dishes such as duck Magret or Pannang curry. Everything is cooked using fresh ingredients bought daily at the market. Without a doubt, it is a great option to come and dine at Zozoi.

Restaurants specialising in Fish dishes

La Ola Marbella. On the seafront promenade | Average prices

La Ola, as its name suggests (‘ola’ means ‘wave in Spanish), is a place to eat from the ocean cooked in a thousand different ways. From squid, or rock salmon to grilled turbot fillet, at La Ola you have a vast menu specialising in fish dishes that is bound to make you want to come back again and again. Here you will also find the typical sardine skewers from Malaga and different ways of cooking fish: grilled, fried or fresh, like the seafood. La Ola offers you a selection of rice dishes where paella is the real star of the show.

Los Mellizos. Near the seafront promenade | Average prices

Los Mellizos is so at one with the sea that it even has a fishmonger in the town of Arroyo de la Miel which supplies all of its restaurants. This establishment is known for the quality of its extraordinary seafood. At the restaurant in Marbella, you will be able to sit facing the sea and enjoy a brothy rice (arroz caldoso) or paella that you will want to come back and try again each year you come to visit the town. They know how to cook a great rice dish.

terrace of los mellizos marbella
Los Mellizos – www.losmellizos.net

La Lonja. Near the old town | Excellent prices

La Lonja is one of the classic restaurants specialising in fish dishes in Marbella. They have such a varied menu that you will have real trouble deciding what to order, everything tastes delicious. Their speciality is a fried fish dish from Malaga (fritura de pescado malagueña) and, although it might seem like a simple dish to cook, there is a trick to getting it right. Anchovies, shrimps, rock salmon and, of course, brothy rice (arroz caldoso), which all taste even better by the sea.

terrace at la lonja
La Lonja – www.lalonja.es

Restaurants specialising in meat dishes

Buenos Aires Marbella. Near the old town | Average prices

Without a doubt, the masters of grilled foods come from Argentina, and Marbella, thanks to its international community it is home to restaurants where they are experts at cooking meat to perfection. Buenos Aires Marbella boasts a varied menu with prices that offer good value for money.

Their speciality is grilled meats, and particular highlights are the Argentine veal steak, grilled chicken, New Zealand rack of lamb or Iberian pork shoulder (secreto ibérico). All of this is accompanied by side dishes which range from classic fries to asparagus.

Origen Asador. Near the old town | Average prices

Without a doubt, another place to discover the art of grilling over a flame and using wood. Meats from Galicia and Argentina on a meticulous menu created with great care and total transparency as they cook it right in front of the customer. The Argentine young bull beef (novillo argentino) from extensive farming or Spanish beef from Galicia are selected with an exceptional quality for Origen Asador customers. The meats can be combined with potatoes and the delicious pasties (empanadas) are also worth a try. Of course, a must-have dessert is the sweetened caramelised milk pancake (panqueque de dulce de leche).

meat from origen asador
Origen Asador – www.origenasador.com

Asador el Callejón. Before you reach the old town | Average prices

Or, as their website says, “eat at home” and that’s because being in the dining room of this grill restaurant is like being at home. Choosing between the rib-eye steak, beef burgers or short ribs is no easy decision, and it’s best not to say any more about the menu because it will make the decision even harder. They cook the typical Argentine Milanesa and Provoleta cheese, which is a real delicacy. Highly recommended for meat lovers.

inside of el callejon
Asador El Callejón – www.asadorelcallejon.es

Vegan restaurants

The way of eating is undergoing an enormous transformation, not just in Spain, but across all continents. There is a growing global awareness of how to feed ourselves without eating animals, which is why veganism is being introduced into an increasing number of restaurants and supermarkets. Here are the most famous vegan restaurants in Marbella.

Gioia Planted Based Cuisine. 10 minutes away the old town | Average prices

Gioia Planted Based Cuisine is one of the few establishments where all of the cuisine is actually plant based. The owners have studied in India and all of the products are organic.

starter in gioia
Gioia Plant Based Cuisine – www.gioiaplantbasedcuisine.com

Their cuisine includes raw dishes which are bound to surprise you, such as raw courgette lasagne or raw ricotta ravioli with Brazil nuts. Desserts include brownies and raw cheesecake with lemon and coconut. A real experience to eat healthy and natural foods.

Yabaof. Near the old town | Excellent prices

In Arabic, Yabaof means a good mood to start singing. Already, you can imagine the fantastic cuisine that Salma, the owner and chef of this restaurant, has to offer.

She has combined cuisine from countries like Lebanon and Jordan to create a paradise of Arabic vegan cuisine where dishes like hummus, special lentils or falafel are on offer. Without a doubt, it is well-known for its Muhammara, a spread that contains red peppers and spices, something you will remember forever. There are a few meat dishes, but 98% of the menu is vegan.

Manuka. Various restaurants in Marbella | Excellent prices

It is known for being a restaurant where, in addition to eating, they look after your health since, despite not being 100% vegan, there are lots of vegetarian and vegan options. They are also famous for the Manuka salad and have an endless menu for you to choose from the delicious super food smoothies like the Omega 3 salted caramel or African Blur with vanilla and cocoa. They serve the infamous Pad Thai. A good opportunity to try cuisine from around the world in its vegan and vegetarian versions.

Map of where to eat in Marbella

There are lots of places, all extremely appealing, and with a wide variety of cuisine, produce and styles. Choosing where to eat in Marbella can be a tough decision, so we have created this map, which will help you to locate all of the restaurants according to the area you will be in at mealtimes.

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