Parque de la Paloma (Benalmádena)

Parque de la Paloma (Benalmádena)

The Parque de la Paloma offers us a wide variety of vegetation, fauna, and nature, an authentic oasis in the middle of the city that gives us a break from our daily lives.

It is a must-visit for all those who decide to visit any of the municipalities of the Costa del Sol. And, without a doubt, a wonderful place to spend part of the day with family or friends.

For this reason, we recommend renting a 7-seater car at Malaga Airport, where you won’t have to worry about any management and you can focus solely on spending a beautiful day surrounded by your loved ones.

General Information about Parque de la Paloma

Considered the largest urban green area, that is close to the urban center of the locality, throughout the Costa del Sol, it is located in the heart of Benalmádena.

This park of just over 200,000 m2 was inaugurated in 1995 and, since then, has been part of the daily life and life, not only of the inhabitants of Benalmádena, but also of neighbors from nearby towns such as Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Mijas, or Malaga capital.

Fantastic aerial views of the Parque de la Paloma
Fantastic aerial views of the Parque de la Paloma |

Consistently ranked among the 25 most beautiful parks in the entire European continent, Parque de la Paloma features an artificial lake, which is navigable by small boats.

It also has recreational areas with games for the little ones, well-maintained cobbled paths, areas dedicated to dining, and areas where you can rest after a day exploring the town or enjoying the beaches of Benalmádena.

Parque de la Paloma opens its doors at 9 in the morning every day, regardless of the time of year, although its closing time does vary throughout the year, with 10 pm during the winter months and 11 pm during the summer months. We recommend checking its schedule on the website on holidays.

Resting area with seating in the Parque de la Paloma
Resting area with seating in the Parque de la Paloma |

In addition to the trails, benches to rest and admire the beautiful view and maybe kill time while deciding where to eat in Benalmádena, Parque de la Paloma boasts a spectacular flora and fauna, rich and very accessible. Take a walk and discover them.

Flora and Fauna of Parque de la Paloma

Flora of Parque de la Paloma

The richness of flora in Parque de la Paloma is something you won’t believe until you’re there in person. It features a wide variety of tree species both deciduous and evergreen.

Among the eucalyptus, bamboo, cypress, and pines, we must pause to make a special mention of the immense collection of palm trees, consisting of more than 90 different species.

Cactus area in the Parque de la Paloma
Cactus area in the Parque de la Paloma |

In addition, it has one of the best outdoor Cactus and Succulent gardens in all of Europe, which cover an area of over six thousand square meters.

Fauna of Parque de la Paloma

Parque de la Paloma does not have animal presence in an anecdotal way, but it has a fauna worthy of its flora.

Among its large number of animal species, both in the wild and in enclosures, birds such as ducks, pelicans, geese, chickens, swans, emus, or peacocks stand out, as well as turtles, rabbits, mountain goats, and mouflons.

Spectacular swan in the Parque de la Paloma in Benalmádena
Spectacular swan in the Parque de la Paloma in Benalmádena |

Events in Parque de la Paloma

Throughout the year, in addition to the numerous performances that take place in the nearby Municipal Auditorium, Parque de la Paloma hosts some recurring events year after year, in which we highlight the following.

HOLI Festival

Also known as the festival of colors, it’s a celebration filled with vibrant colors and music, featuring live performances by DJs spinning hit Bollywood tunes. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to sample the best of its cuisine.

Collectors’ Plant Fair

Every year, coinciding with Easter weekend, enthusiasts, experts, and curious individuals in the world of collector plants gather in the Paloma Park.

This fair showcases lesser-known plant genres and families that nonetheless contribute significantly to the world of gardening and flora in general. It also serves as a meeting point for members of this sector to exchange ideas, experiences, and advice.

Collectable plants fair in the Parque de la Paloma
Collectable plants fair in the Parque de la Paloma |

Get ready to expand your knowledge of gardening tools and techniques while being able to observe species including, of course, cacti and succulents, as well as orchids, bamboos, fungi, mosses, and a large number of medicinal, aromatic, and culinary plants.

What to Visit Near the Parque de la Paloma

Its magnificent location on the Costa del Sol puts you close to any point of interest along the coast. Regardless of your preferences or tastes, there’s a great plan awaiting you very close by.

If you don’t have much time but want to see interesting things near the Parque de la Paloma, you have the perfect plan for the whole family right by you; Selwo Marina Benalmádena, the renowned wildlife park and dolphinarium, is just steps away.

Without venturing far from Parque de la Paloma, we recommend taking a look at the website of the Municipal Auditorium, where there are frequent shows. Lastly, you can’t leave without seeing the Hindu Temple of Benalmádena, just outside the Auditorium.

Hindu Temple, next to the Parque de la Paloma
Hindu Temple, next to the Parque de la Paloma |

If you’re someone who can’t sit still and loves nature, we suggest that as soon as you leave Parque de la Paloma, you embark on one of the numerous hiking trails along the Costa del Sol. Natural landscapes of incredible beauty await you.

IF, on the other hand, you’ve had enough movement and just want to enjoy the fantastic weather of the Costa del Sol while admiring some of the best Mediterranean views while savoring small treasures of its cuisine along with the most delicious cocktails, drop by one of the best beach clubs in Benalmádena.

How to Get to Parque de la Paloma

No matter how you travel, Parque de la Paloma is well connected to the rest of the province of Málaga, whether it’s towns or the capital, thanks to a fantastic public transport network.

Getting to Parque de la Paloma by Public Transport

Opposite the Arrivals gate is the bus stop you need to take, the M-128 to Torremolinos and Benalmádena Costa. This service is available from 9 am on weekdays. While on weekends and holidays, a bus departs every 2 hours continuously.

Getting to Parque de la Paloma by Car

If you decide to rent a car at Malaga Airport, you’ll need to take the N-340/MA-21 road, exiting the airport towards Benalmádena. After about 10 kilometers, take exit 1003 “Benalmádena- Arroyo de la Miel”.

Take C/ Voluntarios de Protección Civil and Av. Salvador Vicente next, towards Av. Federico García Lorca in Benalmádena.

Parque de la Paloma has five different entrances; the aforementioned Federico García Lorca avenue, Prado road, Park avenue, and Rocío Jurado avenue.

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