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15/08/2020 12:00
Malaga - Train Station/Bus
22/08/2020 12:00
Malaga - Train Station/Bus


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Málaga train station, 'Maria Zambrano', is by far the most modern Spanish stations, incorporated Vialia a huge shopping and leisure commercial building center. The site is located on the same pillars that was the old station but greatly improving access to different destinations and attached to the central bus station that somehow is a perfect complement to give the traveler full service mobility. With the arrival of the AVE to Malaga, positively has increased passenger traffic and we have become as recurring destination for travelers who do not want to drive, that flights will terrify and make little movements but continued stay in our city. For the strategic location of the station or 5 minutes away from Malaga and the promenade, and the commercial area that surrounds it, is credited with a large number of people that give a great atmosphere and feeling.

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