Hiring an automatic car has become one of the most popular options for customers who visit us. There are many lovers of manual transmissions, however, more and more drivers prefer automatic gearboxes, due to the practical advantages they offer.

At CarGest we have a large fleet of automatic vehicles from the best brands, including Audi, BMW, Nissan, Cupra, Volkswagen, Suzuki and Mini.

Fleet of automatic cars

Automatic Car Hire Audi

Audi A1, A3, Q2, Q3 Automatic

Automatic Car Hire BMW

BMW 1, 2, 3 Series, X1, X2 Automatic

Automatic Car Hire Nissan

Nissan Juke Automatic

Automatic Car Hire Cupra

Cupra Formentor Automatic

Automatic Car Hire Volkswagen

Volkswagen T-Cross, Taigo, T-Roc Automatic

Automatic Car Hire Suzuki

Suzuki Swift Automatic

Automatic Car Hire Mini

Mini Cooper Automatic

Advantages of Hiring Automatic Cars

According to our customers, the main reason they choose automatic vehicles is the convenience of driving without the worry of shifting gears. This is especially useful in an unfamiliar city, where you have to be more attentive to the route or traffic signs.

In addition, the city of Malaga and the different most visited towns in the province, such as Torremolinos, Marbella or Mijas, have narrow streets and irregular layouts where the traffic requires you to pay full attention to the road.

Tips for renting an automatic car

To make sure you make the most of your trip and enjoy every moment and every place, CarGest has a series of tips on how to drive your automatic car in Malaga without any problems.


If this is your first time or if you are not used to driving an automatic car, we recommend that you read this basic advice on automatic gearshifts and their different positions:

  • P (parking): parking position, a must every time we park the car. It is very similar to the handbrake in the manual, so the vehicle will not move even if it is on a sloping road.
  • R (reverse gear): in this case it works in the same way as in a manual car, except that you usually have to press a button at the same time as you engage the gear, although this will vary depending on the model.
  • N (neutral): known in the manual gearbox as “neutral”, unlike the P position, the vehicle could move.
  • D (drive): position used for driving, with it engaged you only have to use the accelerator or the brake.
  • M (manual): Some models have a manual driving mode.