10 terraces in Malaga not to be missed

10 terraces in Malaga not to be missed

Malaga’s historic quarter is an area full of monuments and heritage, just a few metres from the sea, but it is also the entertainment centre for locals and tourists. This, together with the mild temperatures it enjoys practically all year round, has encouraged the hospitality industry in the area to opt for one of the big attractions for the public: Malaga’s terraces.

To do so, hotels and restaurants have set up their rooftop terraces to offer customers an exclusive area to enjoy a drink in a relaxed atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle of the street. In addition, the terraces in the centre have some incredible views of the monuments surrounding them or the city’s port.

Tourists will be able to visit the centre by hiring a vehicle in Malaga so they can reach the historic quarter easily and park their car near to the best terraces at various car parks that can be found in the area.

Terraces in Malaga with views of the Alcazaba

Malaga’s Alcazaba is one of the most characteristic monuments of this city given that it is a perfectly preserved Arab fortress, located in the heart of the city. To be able to enjoy a drink while you take in these views is a real experience, and Hotel Alcazaba Premium makes it possible.

Terrace at Malaga’s Alcazaba

The Terrace at the Alcazaba is one of the city’s fashionable places, with views of the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle (Castillo de Gibralfaro). This chill out terrace offers a generous drinks and cocktails menu, while in its restaurant, Batik, visitors will be able to enjoy a varied offer of dishes of Mediterranean cuisine with seasonal produce and a gourmet touch.

views from malaga premium hotel

Access to the terrace at Hotel Alcazaba Premium is via calle Alcazabilla, number 12, just a few metres from the Alcazaba and the infamous El Pimpi winery. Access is free and the average price of drinks and cocktails is 8 euros. In terms of opening hours, you can visit from 15:30 until 02:00 from Sunday to Thursday, while the opening hours are extended on Fridays and Saturdays until 04:00.

Terraces in Malaga with views of the Cathedral

If there is one monument that represents Malaga, it has to be the Cathedral of the Incarnation (Catedral de la Encarnación), better known among locals as ‘La Manquita’ which means ‘one armed’. Enjoying a drink outdoors with this monument as a backdrop is pure luxury, although making it happen is within reach of any visitor.

Terraza del Chinitas

Situated in Pasaje de Chinitas, one of the most picturesque places of the centre of Malaga, you can find this terrace of the same name, belonging to Chinitas Urban Hostel. Terraza del Chinitas in Malaga is one of the most iconic, distributed across two levels and very near to the tower of the Cathedral.

views of the malaga cathedral

Access to this rooftop is free, and visitors will find a large drinks menu and some snacks to enjoy while you take in the views, with an average price of between 7 and 10 euros. The entrance to Terraza del Chinitas can be found on Pasaje Chinitas, number 3 and it is open from 16:00 until midnight.

Terraza de Larios

Terraza de Larios belongs to Room Mate Larios situated in the street of the same name, one of the city’s most visited streets among tourists. With a panoramic view of the city, it is perfect for taking photographs of the tower of Malaga Cathedral (Catedral de Málaga) and enjoying an exclusive chill out atmosphere.

views from room mate larios

This rooftop is free to access and is open to the public every day from 16:00 while the closing times vary. On Sundays and Mondays, it closes at 23:00, while from Thursday to Saturday this extends until 01:00. The entrance is accessed from calle Marqués de Larios, number 2, and the menu has an average price of 8 euros.

The Top of Molina Lario

On the same street as the Cathedral, Hotel Molina Lario offers a terrace from which you can almost touch the cathedral. With a swimming pool and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, this rooftop offers panoramic views of the sea and the historic quarter, live music and a signature cocktail with unique and different offers.

terrace of molina lario illuminated at night

Entry is free and access is via calle Molina Lario, number 20. In terms of prices, most of the cocktails have an average price of between 8 and 9 euros, so there won’t be any surprises on the bill. The Top opens every day from 16:30 until 23:00.

Terraces in Malaga with sea views

Is there anything more sought after in a coastal city than enjoying a drink with the sea in the background? This is one of the great assets of any hospitality company and, for that reason, the hotels in the area have managed to exploit their proximity to the sea by offering a unique setting with water at their feet.

Terraza Málaga Palacio

This is one of Malaga’s best-known terraces, belonging to Hotel AC Málaga Palacio. The Terrace at AC Malaga was one of the first to exploit this concept in the city, with an exceptional spot where you can admire the panoramic views which include Muelle Uno, the Alacazaba, the Cathedral and the rest of the city.

views of gibralfaro mountain

This hotel welcomes film stars during the Spanish Film Festival every year, with its famous entrance on calle Cortina del Muelle. This terrace boasts a restaurant and cocktail bar, with an average price of €15-20 per dish on the food menu, while drinks are a little more expensive than average, from a beer for 5 euros to a cocktail costing €8.50 -10.

Terraza Valeria Roommate

This Andalusian style terrace belongs to Hotel Roommate Valeria and is situated next to the pier, on Plaza de la Marina. From the terrace you can see Muelle Uno and Malaga’s Alcazaba and it also features a swimming pool, although its use is reserved exclusively for hotel guests. There is a young and fun atmosphere, with fresh and current music.

views of malaga harbour

It boasts a select cocktail menu and its team offers personalised options to customers according to their tastes, with an average price of between 8 and 10 euros. The entrance is situated in Plaza Poeta Alfonso Canales, number 5, and is free to access.

Other quieter terraces in Malaga

If visitors are not looking for the best views, but a more intimate atmosphere where they can enjoy a quiet drink, there are other more secluded options to have an unforgettable time.

Terraza de San Juan

The Terraza de San Juan is one of the most secluded in the heart of Malaga. This chill out terrace is located in the narrow street of calle San Juan, number 11, situated next to the church of the same name. Its design and ambience make it one of the coolest terraces Malaga has to offer.

rooftop terrace next to the cathedral

This jewel is situated on the rooftop of Hotel Málaga Premium, the city’s first gastronomic hotel where you can enjoy exquisite dishes of fusion cuisine one the lower floor, to then climb up to the fifth floor to enjoy the best cocktails. Entry is free and the average price of drinks and cocktails is around 7-9 euros.

Terraza Nómadas Centro

To find an alternative atmosphere, Terraza Nómadas is the best choice. This small terrace, situated in calle Guerrero, number 3, holds all types of cultural activities, from live concerts to language exchanges, and craft markets.

sunset at rooftop nomadas

Entry is free and the bar features a wide offer of craft beers, cocktails and drinks. This terrace in Malaga boasts a fun, international and welcoming atmosphere, and the average price of drinks is between 5 and 8 euros.

Terraza El Balneario de Málaga

Further away from the centre we can find one of Malaga’s most famous terraces. The terrace at El Balneario de los Baños del Carmen belongs to a unique restaurant, situated among the trees by the sea and with a history dating back more than 100 years.

terrace on the beach itself

Sunsets on this terrace are the spotlight of all photographs, which is why there are always visitors at any time of day, from morning until night. Entry is free and the average price of the menu varies considerably. In terms of the food menu, portions (raciones) cost around 14 euros with typical dishes such as fried crystal prawns with fried egg, transparent goby (chanquete) or rice with lobster. The average price of drinks is 7 euros, with an extensive variety of beers and wines available.

Map of Malaga’s best terraces

The map below shows a route of Malaga’s best terraces, both in the centre and the outskirts so you can discover them all on your visit to the city.

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