Malaga Fair (Feria de Málaga)

Malaga Fair (Feria de Málaga)

The Málaga Fair, also known as the August Fair, is one of the most characteristic events in the province and one of the most anticipated events of the year in southern Andalusia.

The city is filled with atmosphere, as the fair covers practically the entire city center and the Fairground, offering the possibility to choose between two spaces, each with its own charm and characteristics.

When is the Málaga Fair?

The Málaga Fair takes place in mid-August, as its name suggests, every year on the 19th. It is celebrated on this summery date because the Catholic Monarchs took the city on August 19, 1487, annexing it to their crown. It was not until 1887 that this popular festival began to gain popularity and continues to this day.

The next Malaga fair will be held from 17 to 24 August 2024.

Since August 15 is a national holiday in Spain, the Málaga Fair also includes this date in the “fair week,” so it is normal for the celebration to last between eight and ten days.

Where is the Málaga Fair held?

One of the most striking features of the Málaga Fair is the possibility, as mentioned before, to choose between two areas of the city. For this reason, you can decide whether to enjoy a more folkloric and traditional atmosphere in the Málaga Fairground or a multicultural and alternative atmosphere in the city center.

The locals usually visit the city center during the day and move to the Fairground in the late afternoon.

Normally, the locals also differentiate between the night fair and the day fair. But you don’t have to worry because in both locations, you will find atmosphere, events of all kinds, and lots of partying from noon (starting at 12:00 PM) until the early morning hours when the establishments close.

Night Fair at the Málaga Fairground

The night fair takes place at the Málaga Fairground or “Real de la Feria”, which is located in Cortijo de Torres and around Calle Cristóbal Ruiz Molero. It is a huge open space where about 250 booths are set up, and you can enter without any limitation other than the maximum capacity.

The ferris wheel of the fair of Malaga
Views of the Malaga fair

The first thing you come across at the Fairground is the entrance gate, which leads to several streets where the booths and attractions are distributed thematically.

Throughout the fair, you will find food booths, dance and party booths, some more tranquil and others much more crowded, as well as churro stands and ice cream parlors. In addition, you can enjoy performances, a festive atmosphere, food, drinks, music, and attractions.

The price of the rides and games ranges from 2 to 5 euros, with the more elaborate attractions being more expensive.

In the southern part, you will find the rides area, divided into two zones: one for children and another for not-so-young people, with rides for all age groups. You can’t leave without passing through the area of street vendors, raffles, and games where you can have fun and win prizes.

Day Fair in the Center of Málaga

As mentioned before, the Day Fair takes place in the city center. Considering that the fair is held in August, a time when most tourists decide to visit the city and its surroundings, you can observe a multicultural hustle and bustle that blends with the Malaga atmosphere.

Malaga Fair in the Real
Typical costume of the fair

The Málaga Center Fair also hosts numerous events and performances for all audiences, such as parades with music bands or a stage in Constitution Square, where diverse concerts take place.

How to Get to the Málaga Fair?

Due to the large influx of people attending this event, it is important to know the best ways to get to the Fair, both in the center of Málaga and at the Fairground. Here are all the possible options.

By Car

If you have decided to rent a car at the best price at Málaga Airport, you can use your car to get to the fair. If you are coming from outside the city, it is a great alternative, especially if you are going to the Fairground, where it is easier to find parking than in the city center.

This way, you avoid waiting in long queues for public transportation and can move freely and comfortably, both on the way there and back.

Parking at the Málaga Fair

Furthermore, it is important to know the best parking areas. These are the best places to park if you are going to the center of Málaga Fair:

  • La Malagueta neighborhood: very crowded in summer, but it is possible to find a spot if you go early.
  • El Ejido neighborhood: it is the first alternative for many people, but it is not easy to park on these designated dates.
  • Rosaleda Stadium: a bit further away, but it is much easier to find a spot.
  • Avenida Fátima and Avenida del Arroyo de los Ángeles: the furthest area, but you will surely find a spot there.

On the other hand, here are some locations where you can park at the Málaga Fairground:

  • Los Prados: a neighborhood with few residential buildings and an industrial character, it is possible to find parking when the businesses in the area close.
  • Huerta del Correo: just after a McDonald’s, you will find a large parking area not far from the Fairground.
  • Pierrot Street / Bahía Málaga Shopping Center: the closest residential neighborhood to the fair.

If you are coming from outside the city with your own car and plan to spend the whole day at the fair, one option is to leave your car in our parking at Malaga Airport, and from there take the train from the airport station, as we indicate below. Whether you are going to the Fairground or the city center, it is a good alternative to keep your car safe.

By Public Transportation

There are many transportation options available to the public to access and return from the Málaga Fair. Here are the most popular ones and some alternative options.

VTC or Taxi. The most convenient option, but not necessarily the fastest. With the high demand for these services, the price increases, and so does the waiting time. Several taxi hiring points are usually set up near the fair, which may vary from year to year.

Bus. There is a large fleet of buses that connect the Center Fair with the Fairground, allowing you to travel to each of these locations from most areas of the city.

Special bus lines cost 2 euros and accept cash, card payment, and virtual card payment (mobile).

The lines that usually connect the Fairground with other areas of Málaga are: 4, 18, 19, 20, and 22. In addition, 4 new lines (201, 202, 205, and F) are put into operation to facilitate transportation during the fair period.

  • Line 201: winds through the city center, and through Av. Andalucía, it heads to the Fairground.
  • Line 202: from the northern part of Málaga (Ciudad Jardín), it passes through Martínez Maldonado Street and goes directly to the Fairground.
  • Line 205: directly connects the center of Málaga with the Fairground. It is the most optimal line if you want to move between fair areas but also the most crowded.
  • Line F: Operational 24 hours a day and accepts payment by any of the indicated methods. Its stop is located at the roundabout of Alameda with Calle Larios.

Málaga Cercanías Train. The best option if you don’t have a car and are coming from one of the towns near the city. Victoria Kent station is only 800 meters away from the Fairground, approximately a 16-minute walk.

This station has connections with Málaga Airport, Pizarra, Torremolinos, Benalmádena, or Cártama, among others. Lines C-1 (Fuengirola) and C-2 (Álora) also have connections with María Zambrano station and Málaga Centro Alameda station.

The cost of the trip ranges from 1.80 to 3.60 euros, depending on the number of zones you travel from your starting point.

Málaga Fair Map

At CarGest, we have created the following map of the main areas of the Málaga Fair that you should consider. Enjoy one of the city’s most popular events like a local Malaga resident.

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