Beaches in Torrox

Beaches in Torrox

The town of Torrox in Malaga bathes its feet in the Mediterranean Sea, with the beaches of Torrox being a well-known must-visit for any visitor, while its back rests on the slopes of the Sierra de Almijara.

To enjoy its mild climate, get to know its people, and explore the 50 square kilometers of its extension, we recommend hiring a car without excess at Malaga Airport. Make the only concern you have during your visit be choosing from some of the best restaurants in Torrox.

Best Beaches in Torrox

The town of Torrox, neighboring the well-known municipality of Nerja, has numerous charms that should be discovered by anyone setting foot on Malaga soil.

Best beaches in Torrox
Best beaches in Torrox |

Belonging to the region of Axarquía, Torrox is a tourist attraction for the remains of the Castle of Torrox, its Roman site of the Lighthouse, and its Watchtower of Calaceite. But if there is something that stands out above all else, it is the well-known Beaches of Torrox. Let’s take a walk through all of them.

Calaceite Beach

A small beach, sheltered from large constructions, although quite popular in the hottest months of summer, without becoming as crowded as other beaches. Its 400 meters in length and a width ranging from 30 to 40 meters are flanked by a natural environment that gives it its own natural charm.

Enjoy the quiet beach of Calaceite
Enjoy the quiet beach of Calaceite |

Its calm waves and its essence of a secret spot make it the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon with family or accompanied by a good book.

Morche Beach

This beach with beautiful dunes is one of the busiest in the entire municipality of Torrox. It is the westernmost beach in the town, and its calm waters invite you to swim. Its fine, dark sands welcome those seeking a quiet swim and space to play with family and friends.

Discover the dunes of the Morche beach
Discover the dunes of the Morche beach |

Its dimensions are also noteworthy, as it stretches for 1500 meters in length and 50 meters in width. The absence of a promenade and beach bar around one of its ends makes it a secret known by some and enjoyed by a few.

Lindes Beach

The Lindes Beach, also known by many as Llanos Beach, is an urban beach of around 1,400 meters in length and about 40 meters in width. To be exact, its length is marked by the Manzano stream and the Mascuñar ravine.

Las Lindes beach near the Mascuñar ravine
Las Lindes beach near the Mascuñar ravine |

Despite being known as an urban beach for its facilities, such as fantastic access and proximity to certain buildings, it has plenty of vegetation, including its sea lily. As for the landscape, we can liken it to Morche Beach.

This beach is quite busy during the summer months and is one of the most popular with the best facilities and access.

Ferrara Beach

A very popular beach awarded for several years with the Blue Flag, a sign of quality. It stretches for about 1200 meters in length and 30 meters in width. Its waves are more pronounced than the previous ones, without becoming uncomfortable or dangerous for swimming, and it has fine dark sand.

Dark sand and blue flag at Ferrara beach
Dark sand and blue flag at Ferrara beach |

Its high level of popularity makes it the most visited beach and it also has the greatest offer of leisure and gastronomy on the Torrox coast.

Dogs Beach

The Dogs Beach, or canine beach, is located between the lighthouse and the river of Torrox. It is composed of gravel, it is one of the largest on the Mediterranean coast, and it has some simple rules of use that we summarize for you.

Enjoy your pets on the beach for dogs
Enjoy your pets on the beach for dogs |

Rules on Dogs Beach

  • Bathing is prohibited for people, including dog owners.
  • Dogs may only be off-leash in the designated area.
  • Dogs weighing more than 20 kilograms or considered dangerous must wear a muzzle at all times.
  • Dog owners are responsible at all times for their dogs and their actions, from behavior to excrement.
  • The beach must be kept clean.
  • All dogs must have their microchip, be registered, and have an up-to-date vaccination record.

Peñoncillo Beach

Still away from the main focus of the tourist masses, Peñoncillo Beach enjoys large dimensions, over a kilometer and a half long with 30 meters wide, and a peaceful walk for those planning to visit.

Enjoy the nooks and crannies of the Peñoncillo beach
Enjoy the nooks and crannies of the Peñoncillo beach |

Categorized as a semi-urban beach, it has vegetation, and its length spans from the mouth of the Torrox river to the beach we will see next; Mazagarrobo Beach, also known as Tajo de la Virgen.

Mazagarrobo Beach

A peaceful beach with few services, ensuring a moderate influx of visitors, although the town is very close for any getaway for drinks or food.

Enjoy the tranquillity of Mazagorrobo beach
Enjoy the tranquillity of Mazagorrobo beach |

This cove has easy access and its waves, resulting from currents, are larger than those of other beaches. We can divide Mazagarrobo Beach into two parts; on one side, some small cliffs, and on the other, the sandy area that forms the beach itself.

Vílchez Beach

The Vílchez Beach, also known as Vilches or Wilches, is the cove located at the easternmost end, bordering the town of Nerja. It is one of the shortest beaches, with only 200 meters in length, and it remains secluded from visitors, being a quiet and peaceful corner of the town.

Enjoy the cove of El Vílchez
Enjoy the cove of El Vílchez |

Being a little secluded does not mean it lacks services, as it has good access, including parking, as well as rental of hammocks and umbrellas.

El Sillón Beach

Semi-urban beach with 50 meters in length and 20 meters in width. It has vegetation at the beginning of the beach, and its small size gives it the appearance of a secret cove, just like our next and last stop; Chica Beach.

Swim at El Sillón beach
Swim at El Sillón beach |

Chica Beach

Despite its small dimensions similar to El Sillón Beach, only 50 meters long and 15 wide, in high season its shore is filled with swimmers ready to enjoy a refreshing dip.

The quiet little beach Chica
The quiet little beach Chica |

What is the best beach in Torrox?

Choosing just one of the beaches of Torrox is a difficult task, as each one has its own charm and very particular characteristics. Do you want to enjoy with your dog and watch it play? There is a beach for you.

Do you want to go to the one that offers the most dining options? Ferrara Beach awaits you. Do you prefer a place with vegetation and more tranquility? Calaceite Beach could be your spot. Have you decided on something small and intimate? The beaches of El Sillón and Chica await you.

Map of Beaches in Torrox

Here we leave you the location of all the beaches of Torrox so that your getaway to the Malaga town lacks nothing.

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