Best steakhouses in Malaga

Best steakhouses in Malaga

For meat lovers, finding a quality grill in Malaga can be a challenging task given that there are an increasing number of restaurants specialising in this type of cuisine, offering premium quality national and international meats. In Andalusia, Iberian meats are the most common, so diners will be able to savour the best meat from the area, although they will also find exotic cuts brought from all over the world.

In the capital of the Costa del Sol, there are various options that stand out for being good value for money or for the exclusivity of their product. This post therefore contains a selection of eight grills in Malaga, specialising in both Argentinian grills and in meats with denomination of origin, for which visitors to the city can choose  the best car hire at Malaga airport and travel around the different restaurants the city has to offer so they can find their favourite.

Best grills in Malaga

Although there are a wide range of grills in the city, Malaga has some that are very highly rated both by locals and by culinary critics, endorsed by years of experience at the grill and that have received public recognition by well-known organisations. With the best national products and some exotic cuts, here are some of the most highly rated by customers.

Asador Ovidio

Asador Ovidio is a meat restaurant in Malaga that started off as a small business in the city centre and which has become a leader in the sector. It offers a wide variety of fresh products, including seafood and fish, in addition to its speciality of grilled meats prepared with great attention to detail. It also has a counter service where it offers the fresh products of the day.

The restaurant specialises in grilled meats and takes utmost care of preparing them with exquisite attention to detail, using high quality charcoal and the best breeds of meat. Highlights of its meats are Retinta, Black Angus from Nebraska, Fleckvieh-Simmental and Premium Rubia Gallega, which is highly acclaimed thanks to its flavour and fat infiltration.

Information of interest

  • Time: 13:00-00:00
  • Price range: €20-70
  • Address: C/ José Denis Belgrano, 11
  • Telephone: 952 29 09 36

Bright terrace of Asador Ovidio
Bright terrace of Asador Ovidio |

Asador Inaki

If there is one renowned grill in Malaga, it has to be Asador Inaki. With years of experience in the selection and preparation of the best meats, this restaurant offers a wide variety of veal, ox and beef of different maturities. It also offers the exclusive certified Kobe Wagyu beef, considered to be the most select beef in the world. Dishes are served on a small grill and with a side dish, either in its dining area or charming outdoor terrace.

If diners enjoy the products, they will also be able to buy them at  La Despensa de Iñaki online or in its physical store. Additionally, the hotel group also has restaurants specialising in fish. For those wanting to try some of the freshest products from the sea, they will be able to do so at Er Pichi de Cái.

Information of interest

  • Time: 13:00-23:00
  • Price range: €30-100
  • Address: C/ Ayala, 38-40
  • Telephone: 952 31 22 65

Cutting meat at Asador Iñaki
Cutting meat at Asador Iñaki |


With years of experience among the grills of Malaga, Verum has received many awards, entering the ranking of the 100 Best Restaurants in Spain in 2020 created by El Tenedor, and it also won an award for the Best Product Restaurant in 2021.

Additionally, its Spanish potato salad (ensaladilla rusa) is considered to be one of the best among all of the restaurants in Málaga. Verum is the only restaurant in the city that has a traditional wood-burning oven where the best Segovia style Malaga suckling pig is prepared.

Information of interest

  • Time: 13:00-00:00
  • Price range: €30-100
  • Address: C/ Flamencos, 3
  • Telephone: 952 02 13 71

Large dining room at Verum restaurant
Large dining room at Verum restaurant |

Argentinian grills in Malaga

When deciding to eat a good steak, many people look for Argentinian grills, as they are considered to be the benchmark in this regard. This type of grill is increasingly common in Malaga, with some that stand out for their product and the welcome they offer customers.

La Cabrera Argentinian grill

La Cabrera is a place which is famous for having the best Argentinian meat, excellent wines and carefully selected side dishes and prepared for each dish. This grill has earned a reputation among the city’s inhabitants and tourists for offering a unique experience. It is considered one of the city’s best grills, with an attentive service and central location, just a few metres from Malaga Cathedral (Catedral de Málaga).

Information of interest

  • Time: 13:00-23:30
  • Price range: €30-60
  • Address: C/ Bolsa, 9
  • Telephone: 603 72 36 23

Large dining room at Asador Argentino La Cabrera restaurant
Large dining room at Asador Argentino La Cabrera restaurant |

El Farolito

Situated in the heart of the city’s historic quarter, El Farolito offers a wide variety of typical dishes from Argentinian cuisine, including meat pasties (empanadas de carne), provoleta cheese, ‘matrimonio’ or marriage of blood sausage and chorizo, and a wide selection of Argentinian meats including flank, skirt steak, sirloin or heart of rump.

Its star product is the grill (la parrillada) for two people where guests will be able to try a little of each of the best cuts. Customers can enjoy its dishes both inside the venue and on the air conditioned terrace.

Information of interest

  • Time: from Monday to Thursday it only offers evening meals from 19:30 until 23:30, while on Fridays and Saturdays, its lunch opening hours are from 14:00 until 16:00, with the same hours in the evenings. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.
  • Price range: €15-30
  • Address: C/ Beatas, 14
  • Telephone: 657 97 32 13

Ribs with garnish from El Farolito
Ribs with garnish from El Farolito |

Pampa Grill

Pampa Grill is a restaurant specialising in high quality Argentinian meats and wines, situated in the heart of Malaga, just two minutes from Calle Larios. The menu features a wide range of Argentinian meats cooked to the customers’ tastes, including typical and traditional cuts such as flank, skirt steak, sirloin, short ribs with an Argentinian cut, Tomahawk or Angus Reserve beef. This restaurant boasts years of experience and offers a unique experience by showing the slow cooking process of the meat in its outdoor kitchen.

Information of interest

  • Time: 13:00-00:00
  • Price range: €25-50
  • Address: C/ Sánchez Pastor, 10
  • Telephone: 951 43 99 74

Argentinian meat from Pampa Grill
Argentinian meat from Pampa Grill |

Affordable grills in Malaga

For those looking for a grill in Malaga that offers good value for money, here are some of the cheapest establishments, with years of experience in meat and a family tradition at the grill.

Casa Tuti Restaurant

Family restaurant with a large free car park just opposite. Casa Tuti specialises in aged meats, such as Rubia Gallega Beef, Sashi Beef, Freydgaard T-bone, although it also specialises in more typical local products like acorn-fed Iberian pork shoulder cut or roast suckling pig. In this restaurant, you can also find typical products of traditional cuisine, such as migas, picadillo soup or black pudding with rice (a morcilla de arroz).

Information of interest

  • Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday from 08:00 -16:00 and from 19:00 – 23:00. On Sundays it is only open for the lunchtime service.
  • Price range: €20-40
  • Address: C/ Virgen del Rocío, 71
  • Telephone: 952 61 66 01

Grilled steak with wine at Restaurante Casa Tuti
Grilled steak with wine at Restaurante Casa Tuti |


With three restaurants in the city, Papulinos is one of the best-known grills in Malaga among locals, with affordable prices and a simple menu in which national products stand out. Its specialities included sausage tartare, Jabugo shoulder cut Iberian ham (presa ibérica), oxtail in red wine or roasted knuckle in its juices.

Information of interest

  • Time: 13:00-16:30 and 20:30 – 23:30
  • Price range: €15-25
  • Address: C/ Don Cristian, 41 | C/ Malasaña, 42 | C/ Correo de Andalucía, 4
  • Telephone: 952 27 95 40 | 952 28 38 49 | 952 06 77 77

Grilled kebabs at Papulinos
Grilled kebabs at Papulinos |

Find your grill in Malaga

After discovering a selection of the best grills in Malaga, visitors to the capital of the Costa del Sol will be able to choose from all of the options to decide which best suits their tastes and needs. All of the restaurants mentioned are signposted on the map below.

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