There is no shortage of places to play tennis on the Costa del Sol. There is a myriad of clubs and facilities to choose from. Amongst these are the two most famous clubs, the Manolo Santana Raquets Club in Marbella and Lew Hoads Campo De Tennis in Mijas.

Founded by two icons of the international tennis world, these two clubs epitomise the meaning of tennis for all.
Manolo was a player of incredible talent and still has that magic touch today. He could hit the ball to the most incredible angles and would confuse his opponents with topspin lobs and drop shots. He was able to master his game, specially his service and his volleying, becoming a master in all surfaces.

His club is renowned for its mix of relaxation and tennis coaching at all levels. Manolo is still to be found there and it is the location where the Marbella Open is held each summer. His pedigree is outstanding, being Wimbledon champion in 1966 and in fact until 2008, Manolo was the only Spanish player to have won Wimbledon, in addition to another 5 Grand Slams. He was also the world’s number one in 1966 and was three times Roland Garros champion in 1961 and 1964 plus 1963 doubles champion when he teamed up with his good friend and sometime opponent Roy Emerson. He added the US Open to his haul in 1965.
Manolo played in the Spanish Davis Cup team a total of 119 games. In the singles he won 69 out of 85 games, and in doubles he won 24 out of 34. He was also the Davis team captain for 8 years. From 1980 to 1984 and from 1995 to 1999.

Tennis Costa del Sol

Manolo has received many accolades for his dedicated professional work in the world of sports and especially tennis. Being awarded the Gold Medal Sport merit, Great Cross Isabel la Católica, Gold medal Villa de Madrid, Great Cross Real Orden Del Mérito Deportivo and Gold Medal Comunidad de Madrid. Over the last 10 years, Manolo has worked as commentator for Tele Madrid, Canal Plus and Radio Televisión Española, as well as collaborating with other national media. For the last nine years, Manolo has been the Director of Masters Series Madrid (Mutua Madrileña), one of the most prestigious tennis events in the world.

Australian Lew Hoad was also a former number one tennis player with a huge charisma to match his game. With his movie-star good looks, powerful physique, and outgoing personality, Hoad became a tennis icon in the 1950s. He won four majors as an amateur and the Tournament of Champions as a professional. In retirement, Hoad moved to Mijas where he and his tennis-playing wife, Jenny Staley, operated the tennis resort for more than thirty years entertaining personal friends such as actors Sean Connery, Kirk Douglas, and Charlton Heston.

The Lew Hoads facilities at the club bearing his name include eight tennis courts, beautiful landscaped gardens, bar, restaurant, pool and boutique. Lew’s passion for the game was particularly reflected in his enthusiasm for recognising and bringing on young talent. The excellence of tuition lives on and there are ongoing tournaments for all standards, plus five major tournaments throughout the year.

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