Ice cream in Malaga

Ice cream in Malaga

La Costa del Sol always invites you to experience its Mediterranean climate, strolling through its streets at any time of the day. Regardless of the time of year, it’s always a good time to enjoy a delicious ice cream.

This time, we move to the heart of the Costa del Sol, the modern and cosmopolitan capital city of Málaga. Choosing the perfect flavor of your ice cream should be your biggest concern, so don’t worry about anything and hire a car without excess at Málaga Airport.

Whether you prefer a cup or a cone, with traditional flavors or innovative blends, here are the best ice cream shops in Málaga.

Best Ice Cream Shops in Málaga

Between Alcazaba and the Roman Theater, amidst cold Malaga beers and tapas at El Pimpi, make a quick stop to discover the ice cream shop with the tastiest options in the historic center of Málaga.


Pl. de Uncibay, 8, Centro District, 29008 Málaga

This ice cream shop, which is already part of the daily life of the people of Málaga, has the affection and support of visitors and locals alike, reflected in its significant expansion.

Showcase of the famous ice cream parlour Kalúa
Showcase of the famous ice cream parlour Kalúa |

The key to its success, or at least one of them, is the creaminess with which the ice cream is presented and savored, whether in a cone or cup, we won’t open that debate. Another option is to try one of their renowned slushies, as tasty as they are refreshing.

Levi Angelo Gelato & Chocolate

Tomás Heredia, 11, Centro District, 29001 Málaga

It seems there’s a new king in the Barrio del Soho area, and we’re not talking about Antonio Banderas’ Soho Theater, but about Levi Angelo Gelato & Chocolate ice cream shop. The flavor of their ice creams, made with top-quality products, is on par with the fantastic service provided by their staff.

Ice cream tub from Levi Angelo Gelato & Chocolate
Ice cream tub from Levi Angelo Gelato & Chocolate |

NONNA Artisanal Ice Cream

Pl. María Guerrero, 7, Centro District, 29015 Málaga

What better dessert after dining at El Pimpi, or wandering among the best tapas in Málaga than an ice cream from NONNA ice cream shop? Italian tradition in the hands of an Italian master ice cream maker who has learned from the best recipes and masters.

Ice cream cones from the Italian ice cream parlour NONNA
Ice cream cones from the Italian ice cream parlour NONNA |

All this itinerary culminates in their final creations. Enrique, the master ice cream maker, is responsible for crafting each of the flavors to take your palate to the next level.

Casa Mira

Marqués de Larios, 5

From Casa Mira, you can hear the heartbeat of Málaga, as it’s right on Calle Marqués de Larios, where everything that happens in Málaga passes through. Here, we find one of the ice cream shops with the most summers lived and stories to tell.

Popular like few others, it offers original flavors, the result of years of experience, and upon arrival, you know you’re in a special place, as locals and tourists mingle in search of their favorite flavor or a new favorite to discover.

Casa Mira ice cream parlour packed with people at night
Casa Mira ice cream parlour packed with people at night |

This is just one of their locations, but it’s the most central and iconic one. Artisanal ice creams, with flavor and quality in each of the raw materials used for their creation. A piece of Málaga’s history in a cup.


Granada, 55, Centro District, 29015 Málaga

A few steps from one of the best museums in the city, and probably the country, the Picasso Museum, there’s a corner where the natural and the authentic come together with the freshness of an ice cream.

A tub of stracciatella from the ice cream parlour freskitto
A tub of stracciatella from the ice cream parlour freskitto |

Artisanal ice creams with unique flavors, like pistachio or nougat, with the seal of the house, that will make you come back for another flavor. And we’ll tell you in advance, the new one you try will be even better than the previous.


Jerez Perchet, 14, Cdad. Jardín, 29014 Málaga

Let’s take a stroll, let’s walk through the streets of Málaga’s neighborhoods to discover this gem of a place. It already has its own name in the province and recognition earned through hard work, good taste, and a lot of creativity.

Stop by their shop to try the Dracula candy, Chupa Chups, or even typical Arab sweets flavored ice cream. They won’t leave you indifferent, and if you try them, we guarantee you’ll want to keep expanding your flavor catalog.

Bico de Xeado Ice Cream Málaga

Méndez Núñez, 6, District Centro, 29008 Málaga

Amidst museums, our stroll leads us to encounter ice creams with Galician soul. They are making their way through Andalusia at the same speed they became famous in the north. You can’t leave without trying their pistachio ice cream. And if pistachio isn’t your thing, don’t worry, they have more new flavors for you to venture into like rice pudding or dulce de leche. Quality raw materials brought from Galicia.

Ice cream balls from the ice cream parlour Bico de Xeado
Ice cream balls from the ice cream parlour Bico de Xeado |

Inma Ice Cream Shop

Moreti, 15, Carretera de Cádiz, 29003 Málaga

Once again, we come across a household name within Málaga. We take a step back from the historical center of Málaga, but we don’t stray too far from it to reach Inma Ice Cream Parlor.

As soon as you see the line forming at its door, you’ll understand why this ice cream shop is so well-known. Kinder, Greek yogurt, or classics like strawberry are present in its display case loaded with flavor, lightness, and refreshment. It truly lives up to its fame and is worth a visit.


Tomás Echeverría, 6, Carretera de Cádiz, 29002 Málaga

From Huelin, just a few meters from the beach, Fratelly welcomes all its visitors with unique flavors like the Casa Kiki palm tree. To better understand how good it is, we recommend that you first try these famous palm trees at Casa Kiki, and then the ice cream. Their Nutella combinations are well known; this is the mecca for sugar lovers.

D’Lorenzo Gelato

Mauricio Moro Pareto, 1, Cruz de Humilladero, 29006 Málaga

We continue at a moderate distance from the historical center, but that’s no reason to stop finding places that make us travel, like D’Lorenzo Gelato, where the most traditional Italian ice cream takes on a Malaga form and becomes a true blend of cultures and flavors, where the main beneficiary is you when you taste their vanillas, Greek passion, and hundreds of more flavors. For the most refined tastes.

Lemon pie ice cream, one of the specialities of D'Lorenzo Gelato
Lemon pie ice cream, one of the specialities of D’Lorenzo Gelato |

Ice Cream Shops Not in Málaga’s Historical Center

For those willing to take a step further in search of a new flavor, a new place, and a new adventure. Málaga opens up to you.

Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Shop

Tomás Escalonilla, 5, Bailén-Miraflores, 29010 Málaga

A wide selection of artisanal ice creams that surpasses itself year after year. One of the favorites of the most demanding Malagueños who always seek the best. The customer service is another plus for a place that definitely deserves a visit, especially being what we consider the ice cream shop closest within those “farther” areas.

Ignacio Mira

Av. Mayorazgo, 22, Málaga-Este, 29016 Málaga

We leave the historical center behind, but head towards one of the places with the best views of the city, which could well be one of the best viewpoints in Málaga; Parque Forestal Hacienda Clavero.

Ice cream tubs from Ignacio Mira ice cream parlour
Ice cream tubs from Ignacio Mira ice cream parlour |

Although it has a wide range of sweets, being a bakery as well, we cannot forget that we have come here in search of what is considered by many the best Stracciatella ice cream in the entire province. Does that mean the other flavors aren’t up to par? Not at all, but this one, in particular, stands out for its unbeatable flavor and lightness.

By Mardel

Av. Imperio Argentina, 7, Carretera de Cádiz, 29004 Málaga

If you’re into running, this is a must-stop. It’s located between Parque Litoral and the Ciudad de Málaga Athletics Stadium, so it’s no wonder that many end their daily route here. Their menu is full of artisanal options that have managed to make their way through the town’s vast offerings.

Ice Cream Shops Map in Málaga

So you don’t miss a beat and can include your favorite ice cream shops in your Málaga visit itinerary, here’s a map with all the most interesting and delicious spots.

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