On March 1, 2012, in Tarifa tourism, by S.J.H.

This past weekend I made the short trip to the beautiful coast line of Tarifa in the neighbouring province of Cadiz using the toll road from Malaga you can drive to Tarifa in about an hour and a half which makes it a feasible day trip from the Costa del Sol. Tarifa is the closest land point to Africa and is best associated with its water sports and as it is a notoriously windy location for wind and kite surfing, these though are not sports that interest me as a participant though as a spectator I find them fascinating, I was lucky enough to of been invited to horse ride on the beach there. This area is a natural park and is flat wide expanse of beach which as a horse lover is natural riding space where you can gallop through the surf ( avioding the fishermen) free of obstacles, we had a wonderful time and I hope to go back. However many sports and day trips to see the whales and dolphins or a ferry over to Tangers are available or a day on the beach of Bolonia just a short distance along to Cadiz.

Get in the car and explore the Costa del Sol and its surrounding areas have so much on offer.



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