Outlaws, smugglers and armies have all taken the road from Algeciras bay to Ronda. It is one of the most scenic routes in Spain, climbing more than 3000 feet above sea level through the wild Sierra. This road forms part of the trip from Malaga and back again.

Take the beautiful new motorway from the city, travel through the wonderful countryside up in the hills and through its tunnels. Heading west the motorway will bring you to the junction where the road to Gaucin joins it.

Turning onto this, from here it takes you on a superb journey through the true hinterland of Spain but first it passes one of the biggest wind farms in the country. The wind turbines are positioned very close to the road and the slow rhythmic turns of the blades are mesmerising. Leaving this behind the route begins to climb into the mountains passing by the Pueblo of Casares on the right. After half an hour, the road then drops down to cross the Rio Genal then once over the bridge and bubbling water, it continues its journey to Gaucin.


Avoiding the temptation this time to enter into the pueblo, turn right onto the old smugglers route heading towards Ronda. On leaving the vicinity of Gaucin, there are two or three panoramic viewpoints that look over the complete incredible vista that is the Rio Genal valley. This beautiful scenery stays with you all the while you are on this road, which in itself has been renovated to a very high standard. After some 20 km, a road veers off to the left to the Pueblo of Jimera de Libar and takes one to a whole new Vista. Another valley with another river, the Rio Guadiaro, meandering gently through it before tumbling down into the sea midway between Estapona and Gibraltar on the Costa. The view now is one of sweeping hills laying at the foot of beautifully formed mountains. The river ensures that the countryside is lush and this is reflected by the colour of the meadows. Following the riverbed there is a single line railway which links the coast at Algeciras with Ronda and this adds to the quaintness of the area.

Following this road to Ronda, the journey just gets more and more pleasant and takes us to the next pueblo of Benaojan. Time your journey to have lunch here because just as you leave the pueblo, making sure you are on the Ronda Road, there is a small venta run by a family who prepare the most wonderful food imaginable. If it’s chilly, then there will be an open log fire burning brightly in the restaurant. After taking a leisurely luncheon, continue on your way to Ronda then depending on your plan, either take the beautiful highway down to the Costa del Sol at San Pedro or continue across country taking the high road. If you choose the latter, the route passes by the wonderful Natural Park of the Sierra de las Nieves on its way to El Burgo, Alozaina and Pizarra before finally dropping down to Malaga. A further choice is heading south after Alozaina, via Coin and Mijas and then rejoining the motorway back to the city.

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