The slopes of Sierra Nevada have had some new additions installed on their famous routes this year. The team at Certusa who run the station, has decided to install a giant whale sculpture in the middle of one the runs. Not only will this add a burst of colour into the route, but it will also add an obstacle to the skiers heading down, whether or not they choose to ski through or around the new addition.

Snow in Sierra Nevada

The resort has built the new family friendly area. With a marine theme, giving young skiers the opportunity to explore the depths of the sea, all whilst being on the top of a beautiful snow topped mountain.

Minister of Sports Luciano Alonso made the announcement during the presentation ceremony in Granada, that the resort of Pista del Mar will have even more facilities and space for beginners, where additional lifts will also be installed. The idea is to be part of a long term design to encourage more families to take up snow sports. To help this new scheme, children under 5 will also be allowed free entry into the resort.

For those looking for more of an adrenaline rush If you’re looking for more of an adrenaline rush, there are adventure companies that will take your skiing experience to the next level. Enjoy a tandem paraglide over the mountains, rock climb the craggy cliff faces or explore the area on a canyoning trip. Or as an alternative wintertime fun away from the pistes, The Mirlo Blanco zone is where you will find an ice rink, ski bikes, mini skis and a toboggan track. But if there are legs that need a rest, there is an area with a dog sleigh ride, or snuggle up under a blanket on a horse drawn sleigh.

Sierra Nevada is a great way to spend the Winter months, with a fantastic season ranging from December to April each year and with peaks reaching to just under 3500 meters. Christmas time is the perfect time to holiday to the resort, with all who live or visit ensuring the festive season is felt throughout.


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