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On November 30, 2011, in Political changes, Spain information, by S.J.H.

Mariano RajoyNot having any particular passion for politics I am however pleased with the conservative land slide victory achieved in the recent Spanish elections. Traditionally a socialist strong hold Spain has spent too many years under the PSOE and though none of the parties are perfect, a change most certainly was in order too much power for too long can never be a good thing and fresh ideals and perspectives whether they are ones own particular beliefs or not do bring a refreshing change. The victory by the PP partido particular party was a sweeping one securing 186 seats in congress. In previous months there have also been many local government victories for the party not least in the village of Mijas where the socialist party has held power for over thirty years.

Well it now remains to be seen what changes will happen and whether Mariano Rajoy the party leader and soon to be prime minister will be able to implement the changes so desperately needed in the Spanish economy, and that are being demanded now from all sides of Europe, he has promised no miracles –shame- could of all been so much better so much quicker if he could, so it’s a waiting and hoping game but with the full support of the Spanish people.

He has his work cut out taking over at such a time of economic crisis throughout not just Spain but in general and now has to show that he’s the right man for the job at the age of 56 he has over thirty years of political experience I for one wish him the best of luck.


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