Malaga’s Bullfighting Museum will host one of the world’s largest bullfighting related collections. The collection, valued over six million euros, it’s owned by the Extremaduran Juan Barco and consists of about 1,400 pieces.

Some collection worksAmong the authors names of the works presented on this collection, such as Picasso, Goya, or Benlliure Butcher.

As specified, the assignment will last at least 15 years.

Considered by experts as one of the most important and complete existing collections, covering from sixteenth-century works to the most recent days, with particular emphasis on the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

It consists of graphic works, sculptures, costumes, library, bullfight’ tools, a movie library, documentation, artistic material fans, photos etc. …

Linked directly to Malaga visitors can find Picasso dress design for the matador Luis Miguel “Dominguín” as well as bullfight information posters of the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and the sculptures of José Cubero known as ” Malaga’s mud.”

Sculptures of José CuberoThe acquisition of this collection will make an expansion and remodeling of the museum house, which involves the refurbishment of an important part of the square. It is planned that this new project space will be ready to open later on this year or early the following year.

No doubt this contribution will exalt Malaga culture and tourism projection, strengthening it as a reference in the bullfighting art.


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