Fuengirola, crowned by the “Castle of Sohail”,its most famous monument, was built as an Arab fortress in the time of Abderrahman III. One of the most popular among turistic visitor on Coast line of Málaga province, together with other cities as Torremolinos Marbella and Mijas, been also at the same time quiet and cosmopolitan.

Fuengirola International Festival Day 2012
The past 28th of April to the 1st of May has held the eighteenth edition of the Inetrnational multi-culture Festival, “Día de los Pueblos”, attracting thousands of visitors during its celebrations days.

It is a pleasant an amazing experience to visit all diferents world cultures in its Fair ground. Taste “sushi” in a Japanese ambient, or have lunch in Poland, go to Morocco for a nice cup of tea, snack down in Bulgary or supper in Argentina, try Mojito in Cuba or dance in real carnaval ambient at Brasil social club. All this it is possible thanks to the fantastic organization of the municipal coorporation organism of Fuengirola Town Hall.

Acording to the evaluation rated of the eighteenth edition of this International Festival, it was a success in terms of volume of audiences generated, despite struggling this year with the economic crisis and bad weather.

Fuengirola International Festival Day 2012Fuengirola International Festival Day 2012

The following are representative of the different countries participating on this 18th edition:
Andalucía, (spanish region) Alemania, Argentina, Asturias, Australia, Brasil, Bolivia, Cádiz, Colombia, Cuba, EEUU, Egipto, Extremadura, Francia, Finlandia, Galicia, Grecia, Hawai, India, Irlanda, Italia, Japon, Marruecos, México, Noruega, Paraguay, Perú, República Dominicana, Rumanía, Uruguay y Venezuela.


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