The latest tourism statistics show that Andalucia in total will receive just under 8 million visitors in 2012. To date from January-September, it received 6.2 million international tourists and is projecting the total of approximately 7.8 million for the year.

This is extremely encouraging bearing in mind the financial state of affairs in Spain and other relevant countries. It also shows that the Costa del Sol is very much alive and kicking as this receives the substantial number of tourists.
Our visitors for the first six months of the year in Andalucia generated €2.700 million which was just over 7% down on 2011 but 5.1% up taken over a 10 year average.

Out of all this income, the percentage of different spends under the holiday umbrella averaged 20% on transport, 26% on accommodation, just over 16% in restaurants or food and a healthy 22.3% on excursions. Package holidays accounted for just over 15%.
The average stay in a hotel was just over a week whilst others not in hotels averaged just over a fortnight. Malaga and its main sister airports accounted for 80% of visitors arriving with travelling by road accounting for just over 8%.

The main reasons for Andalucia as the choice for visitors in order are the climate, beach, cultural, monuments, family connections, price and nature. The main sports attraction is golf.

The breakdown of our visitors by home country are 2.3 million UK, 900,000 France, 860,000 Germany, 547,000 Scandinavia, Ireland 334,000 and the rest of the world accounting for 707,000.

Apart from our international tourists, Spanish visitors from outside Andalucia are still prevalent.

Spain Visitors
All the signs are that Spain will continue to attract our foreign friends and we must make sure that we receive them with open arms and look after their every need. We must ensure that we all work together as a team to make sure our visitors will come back again and again. Every company and concern is accountable to achieve this. CarGest recognises this and offers a warm personal and professional car hire service to its many returning clientele and extends this philosophy to new clients.


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