El Rocio 2012

On May 22, 2012, in Almonte village, El Rocio, by admin

The pilgrimage to “El Rocio” (large country-side celebration) it’s celebrated every year in the local village of ALMONTE (HUELVA). Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year, from everywhere around the world start a walking pilgrimage journey, some of the pilgrims travel on horse others in different carts types, on wheels or carriages-wagons pull by horses or oxen to get to their destination, La Ermita del Rocio (El Rocio Chapel).

Ermita del Rocio

Every year, well organized and provided with good food supplies and other needs for long day’s trip, when this moment arrives as expected by the faithful pilgrims, they start a hard journey back to see their Paloma Blanca (White Dove).
This year the first fraternity to start the way to El Rocio was Cordoba fraternity association, who began the trip on Thursday May 17th. In total, there are now 20 fraternities that have started their pilgrimage to the almonteña village, from Almeria provinces, Cordoba, Malaga, Granada and Seville. On Friday, 18th Puente Genil and Malaga-La Caleta started, while Saturday 19th others seven subsidiaries from different places of these huge El Rocio’s fraternities, Lucena (Córdoba), Granada, (Malaga) and Fuengirola Malaga, along with those from Almeria, Seville, Écija and Osuna set off the trip. And on May the 20th Carmona (Seville), Jaen, Ronda, Estepona (Málaga) and Murcia also join in.

El Rocío

Prevention and road safety

Romero 2012 road safety plan has been activated to ensure the proper conduct of the pilgrimage to El Rocio, for the security of the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who will travel on the next few days on the roads of Huelva, Seville and Cadiz to the almonteña village.
Strengthening prevention and safety this year marked the design of this special emergency operation that coordinates the Ministry of Internal Justice Affairs.
This emergency special plan, will be activate until May the 31st when all of the subsidiary’s 110 fraternities associations together with the ones from Almonte and Huelva should gone back and safety arrived to they origin association’s homes.

The Pilgrimage of El Rocio is one of the most popular and massive pilgrimages that ever exist. It concentrates more than a million devotees to this religious event in Almonte. You have to be fit and ready to go through a few days trip without the usual comforts of your home. Wear appropriate clothing, and transporting food and all necessary items to socialize with others, be on the right mood and the right attitude, get ready for lots of fun, especially prepared for a long journey that last for days.

pilgrimages to el Rocío


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