On December 8, 2011, in December tourism and offers, Merry Christmas, by S.J.H.

christmas treeOk so it is now the month of December and although the sun is still shining which is no bad thing I will now think about Christmas, something I just refuse to do in September and October when the shops start to prepare their displays and try to tempt us into buying the gift boxes no one really wants, cynical, yes but I think true. Too much build up and commercialism has taken the excitment of a magical time away, it may be lovely to see the first decorations in the streets and shopping centers but when they’ve been up for a couple of months the novelty has worn off. I love advent calenders the old fashioned ones or the modern chocolatte treats ever the traditionalist -its the chocolate that sells that one,  they give a visible count down to the 24th every day with a little gift bulding the excitment of the arrival of christmas day not diminshing it over weeks of hype.

So onwards to the shops to find those perfect gifts for family and friends, easy for those with a large christmas budget less so for those who havent but it is the thought behind a gift that counts, and what makes a christmas special is spending it with people you really want to be with especially if you’re lucky enough to be spending it  here on the Costa del Sol. We’ve got the sun shine but the snowy peaks of Granada can be seen to the east and are within an easy drive for those who like  to ski, play in or just enjoy the wintery sceenery in  dont forget if driving up there to go prepared with chains or covers for the tyres some of the higher regions can be difficult to access after snow fall.

Happy Christmas to all enjoy wherever you are.


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    Large addict of the site, several your articles or blog posts have really helped me out. Looking forward to up-dates!

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