Mayoral of townhall
Sr. D. Francisco J. Vargas Ramos

Geografic details:
Coordinates in GPS
• Latitude: 36º 46’’
• Longitude: 4º 42’’
• Surface: 63,61 km²
• Altitude over sea level: 80 m.
• District: Valle del Guadalhorce
• Distance to Málaga: 30 km.
• Middle temperature in year: 17 ºC
• Residents: 8.990
• Next villages: Cerralba, Vega, Santa María y Zalea

Geografic location:
Pizarra is a village in north-west of Malaga, Andalusia and is located in the valley of Guadalhorce. It is bordered: in the north of Alora, in the south and east of Cártama, southwest and west of Coín and Casara¬bonela. Pizarra is the en¬trance to the Sierra de las Nieves (nature reserve) and is well connected with Malaga. It is 30 km away from Málaga and can be reached by carretera (high¬way), bus or Ferrocarril (Railway).


The urban area of Pizarra is rich in archaeological sites. The remains of the Roman period are numerous, such as the cisterna del Bañadero de la Reina (the bath of the Queen), el friso Marmoreo de la Vega de Santa María (the marmol fresco of Santa Maria) and el ladrillo Paleocristiano del Cortijo de Casablanca (remains of the Cortijo Casablanca from early Christian times). 1561, the population increased to ten, which means ten families. The Bishop of Málaga, Don Francisco Salcedo Blanco, known as a theologian on the Concilio de Trento (Council of Trent), established in 1566 a chapel at his own expense, in honor of the Virgen de la Fuensanta, patron saint of the place.
In 1630 the baptismal font was installed in this church, after that the parish got independent. In 1652 the population had increased up to more than two hundred.