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Malaga travel guide

Malaga museums

Malaga Museums

Malaga city and its province offers a variety of themed through its museums tours, such as popular art museums, interactive museums, religious art museums, with relevant messages content that will please everyone of its visitor . Stressing the capital of the province where the museums concentration are within walking distance of each other being located in the historic city center. The city of Malaga boasts 29 museums, becoming a major city with more of its museums together in the historic center.

Malaga it’s an importance cultural and tourism city, the big industry that represents this tourist sector is at the same time positioning the province to grow parallel in stages and in a general social culture its whole Malaga region.

Hundreds of monuments and museums in the towns of the province enrich our culture and show the world the hundreds of people settled in different parts of the inland and coastal areas, leaving their culture and customs behind.

Malaga was founded in the seventh century b. c. known as Malaka in those days, today with 2,700 years of age, shows visitors its past scattered throughout the coast and interior of its villages and people.

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