Colmenar : Monuments

The Candelaria Hermitage:

Found at the highest point in the village, Sierra Nevada can be seen to the right also the ‘Tajos’ of Gomer and Doña Ana.
According to legend, the Candelaria Hermitage is a 17th century building that was erected by a group of sailors from the Canary Islands who were miraculously saved by a storm off the Málaga Coast. Supposedly the hermitage was meant to be a public display of their gratitude.

Ermita de la Candelaria

Our Lady of Asuncion church

The Asunción Church was built in the 16th century and includes the remains of Arab-style architecture. Constructed of three naves of great height separated by arched set on square pillars. The ceiling is a beautiful example constructed of wood.

Nuestra señora de la asunción