Casabermeja is a charming Andalusian village nestled in the hills of the province of Malaga. With a rich history and beautiful natural surroundings, it offers an authentic rural experience for those seeking tranquility away from tourist areas.

Its old town, with cobbled and narrow streets, and the Renaissance church of Our Lady of Socorro, showcase its historical heritage. Additionally, its rich and mountainous natural environment offers different hiking trails and outdoor activities.

It is located half an hour from the capital of the province of Malaga, and it is advisable to rent a 7-seater car at Malaga airport to access and visit each of the places in Casabermeja and explore its landscape in total comfort with family or friends.

History of Casabermeja

Casabermeja has a rich history dating back to prehistoric times, with human settlements since the Neolithic and Copper Age. During Roman domination, it was a strategic fortification known as “Castrum Bermiae.”

The arrival of the Visigoths brought the development of churches and Christian communities, but their rule was brief due to the Islamic invasion. Under Muslim rule, Casabermeja became an important defensive stronghold with the construction of a castle on the hill.

After being conquered by Christian troops during the Reconquista in 1487, the town suffered depopulation due to emigration and religious repression, although it was repopulated by settlers from other regions of Spain. It wasn’t until the 19th century that it would recover its economic vitality, entering a period of prosperity.

Today, Casabermeja preserves its rural charm and history, thanks to its architectural heritage, natural environment, and proximity to the Costa del Sol. It is a popular destination for those looking to experience authentic traditional Andalusian life and escape the tourist hustle and bustle.

What to See and Do in Casabermeja

Casabermeja is characterized by its rich historical heritage, picturesque architecture, and beautiful natural surroundings. Thus, it offers visitors an authentic and genuine experience of traditional Andalusian life.

What to See in Casabermeja

With a rich history and deep-rooted culture, Casabermeja offers a unique experience to its visitors. From its picturesque old town to the imposing Renaissance church of Our Lady of Socorro, here are some of its main points of interest.

Old Town

The heart of Casabermeja is its old town, a maze of narrow, cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, and flower-filled patios. Strolling through its alleys is like taking a step back in time, and at every corner, you’ll discover architectural treasures like churches and 16th-century Renaissance buildings.

Cemetery of Casabermeja

This historic cemetery, considered one of the most beautiful in Andalusia, houses impressive funerary monuments and mausoleums in neoclassical and modernist styles. Its location on top of a hill offers exceptional panoramic views of the village and the surrounding landscape.

Surprising white cemetery of Casabermeja
Imposing Church of Socorro with a baroque style interior |

The Casabermeja cemetery was built in the 18th century, has been designated a National Monument since 1980, and has the title of Cultural Interest since 2006, serving as a showcase of traditional Andalusian architecture.

Parish Church of Our Lady of Socorro

The Church of Our Lady of Socorro features baroque-style interiors. It has a square tower with five levels, covered with Arab tiles, making it emblematic in the village.

Imposing Church of Socorro with a baroque style interior
Surprising white cemetery of Casabermeja |

The reddish color of its bricks makes it stand out from any vantage point in the urban area of Casabermeja, and in its surroundings, you can see some of the best-preserved houses of the last two centuries, with unique stately entrances in some cases.

Rupestrian Paintings of Peñas de Cabrera

This archaeological site is a treasure of great importance. It consists of a group of caves carved into sandstone rocks, where there are Prehistoric pictorial representations. The rock paintings, clearly visible on the rocks, depict a variety of images.

Nature and Hiking

Casabermeja is surrounded by exceptional natural surroundings, making it a perfect destination for nature and hiking enthusiasts. The Montes de Málaga Natural Park is nearby, offering a wide variety of hiking trails and stunning landscapes.

Fuentes Trail

This trail starts in the neighborhood of “La Rajilla” and follows a paved path parallel to a stream. In approximately 100 meters, you reach the first spring called “La Alcubilla.”

Hiking route through the mountains of Malaga
Prehistoric paintings in caves near the village |

Continuing along the stone path, you ascend and can enjoy a beautiful view of the village of Casabermeja. After a sharp curve, you reach the second spring called “El Chorro.”

Following the path, you reach a pass with a panoramic view of the Montes de Málaga. Finally, you continue along a lane parallel to the river until you reach the third spring called “La Chorrerilla del Corte.”

Interest Facts

  • Estimated Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Kilometers: 6.5 km
  • Elevation Gain: 155 meters
  • Approximate Location: Southern area of Casabermeja
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Peñas de Cabrera Trail

This trail starts at the Fuente de Abajo Park and heads towards the Guadalmedina River. It follows the river upstream until reaching the Peñas de Cabrera, a virgin forest with a variety of flora and fauna.

Prehistoric paintings in caves near the village
Hiking route through the mountains of Malaga |

Moreover, archaeological remains can be found in the area, including prehistoric paintings over 5,000 years old. The return is made along the same path, considered easy due to its length and elevation, making it ideal for enjoying nature with family.

Interest Facts

  • Estimated Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • Kilometers: 4.5 km
  • Elevation Gain: 189 meters
  • Approximate Location: Sierra del Paraíso
  • Difficulty: Easy

Field of Cámara Trail

This trail starts at the Fuente de Abajo Park and heads towards the industrial estate “La Huerta.” It follows a path that offers panoramic views of the village of Casabermeja and reaches the abandoned farmhouse of “Las Zorreras Altas.”

After about an hour of walking, you reach the Encebro farmhouse, and then you backtrack a few meters to find a spring. You continue along a path that encircles the hill and descends to reach a dry stream. After crossing the stream, you continue downhill parallel to it until you reach the village.

Interest Facts

  • Estimated Time: 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Kilometers: 11 km
  • Elevation Gain: 268 meters
  • Approximate Location: Cerro de la Viña – Cerro del Moral
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Popular Festivals and Gastronomy

Casabermeja, like many towns in Andalusia, celebrates several popular festivals throughout the year. These festivities reflect the tradition, culture, and joy of its inhabitants. Here are some of Casabermeja’s most prominent festivals.

San Sebastián Festival

The San Sebastián Festival, celebrated on January 20, is a significant religious festival in Casabermeja. On this occasion, homage is paid to San Sebastián, who is considered the patron saint of the town.

The festival includes a solemn procession, where the saint’s image is carried through the picturesque streets of the old town. During this celebration, the atmosphere is filled with music, dances, fireworks, and a variety of traditional activities that add joy and color to the festival.

Holy Week

Holy Week, like in many cities and towns in Spain, is of great importance in Casabermeja. During this special week, various religious processions take place, transporting the floats that represent scenes from the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ.

The streets are filled with religious fervor, and the sound of Holy Week bands can be heard, while the community actively participates in this commemoration of the Passion of Christ.

Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Remedies

The Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Remedies is a highly regarded festival by the residents of Casabermeja. It is celebrated in honor of the town’s patron saint, with a procession from the church to the hermitage located on the outskirts of the town.

In the hermitage, a mass in honor of the virgin is celebrated, and a festive atmosphere is created with music, dances, and the opportunity to enjoy delicious traditional food.

August Fair

In the second half of August, Casabermeja celebrates its traditional fair in honor of the Virgin of Remedies. During these days of celebration, the town transforms into a lively place with fair attractions, booths with live music, contests, and a wide variety of activities for people of all ages.

The fair is a special occasion to indulge in exquisite local cuisine, admire traditional costumes, and immerse oneself in the contagious joy of the locals.


The gastronomy of Casabermeja stands out for its traditional flavors and dishes that reflect Andalusian cuisine. The “Plato de los Montes” is essential, as well as other typical dishes like gazpacho in summer, the comforting olla de la era (pot stew), rabbit with garlic, and migas (breadcrumbs). In addition, you can find stews, soups, and typical casseroles.

Energetic dish of the mountains, typical of Casabermeja
Energetic dish of the mountains, typical of Casabermeja |

As for sweets, you can find traditional ones like tortas de aceite, roscos de vino, and borrachuelos. Pairing these delights with wines produced in the area completes the culinary experience of Casabermeja.

How to Get to Casabermeja

Whether by car or bus, the journey from Malaga to Casabermeja is relatively short and straightforward, making it easy to visit this charming village nestled in the hills of the province of Malaga.

How to Get There by Public Transport

To reach the village of Casabermeja from Malaga by public transport, it is recommended to take a bus from the Alsa company toward Colmenar or Alfarnate, and get off at the Casabermeja stop, in the center of the town.

These buses depart from the Malaga Bus Station, and you can check the schedules and availability of buses on the Alsa website or at the bus station itself.

How to Get There by Car

From Malaga, getting to the town of Casabermeja is very straightforward. Take the A-45 highway towards Antequera, continue on the A-45 until you reach exit 135, which indicates “Casabermeja – Colmenar,” and then follow the road MA-3404 towards Casabermeja.

The estimated travel time by car from Malaga to Casabermeja is approximately 30 minutes, depending on traffic and road conditions.

Map of Casabermeja

We present you with a detailed map featuring different points of interest that you shouldn’t miss in Casabermeja. The map will guide you through the corners of the old town as well as the popular routes in its rural surroundings. Discover the historical, cultural, and natural richness that this town has to offer.

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