Montes de Malaga

Montes de Malaga

The Montes de Málaga are an impressive mountain range that stretches for approximately 60 kilometers. This natural environment offers a wide range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, and bird watching.

Furthermore, this mountainous region is home to rich biodiversity and is the habitat of endemic animal and plant species, with numerous trails through the mountains that provide the opportunity to explore its unique flora and fauna.

In the heart of the mountains lies the Montes de Málaga Natural Park, where you can visit the Visitor Center and learn about the history and conservation of the area.

It is located 5 km from the city center of Málaga. To get there, we recommend renting a car at Málaga Airport and accessing it via the well-known “Carretera de los Montes” or A-7000, which provides comfortable and direct access, making it a highly appreciated destination for the residents of Málaga.

Spectacular views of the 'Montes de Málaga'
Spectacular views of the ‘Montes de Málaga’ |

Guide to Visiting Montes de Málaga

The Montes de Málaga are a fascinating destination that combines natural beauty with cultural and gastronomic richness. Below, we will explain the impressive viewpoints that offer panoramic views, various trails and routes that will allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty of this mountainous environment, and we will discover the delicious local cuisine where you can taste authentic dishes of the region.

What to See in Montes de Málaga

This mountain range offers a variety of options to enjoy nature, hike, contemplate beautiful landscapes, and connect with the natural environment, with viewpoints that are worth exploring.

Cochino Viewpoint

The Cochino Viewpoint is a place with breathtaking views of the bay and its surroundings, as well as the mountains themselves, the capital, and other sierras in the province. It features a sculpture of a wild boar made from recycled materials found in Montes de Málaga.

Sculpture of a wild boar at the 'Mirador del Cochino'
Sculpture of a wild boar at the ‘Mirador del Cochino’ |

Moreover, from this viewpoint, it is possible to spot the flight of birds of prey with the help of binoculars. It is easily accessible and ideal for a family visit, allowing you to rest and enjoy the spectacular views.

Martínez Falero Viewpoint

The Martínez Falero Viewpoint is a prominent spot to enjoy panoramic views of the lush vegetation of the Montes de Málaga Natural Park. The viewpoint is named after the renowned naturalist from Málaga in honor of his contribution to nature conservation in the area.

Mirador Martinez Falero in the 'Montes de Málaga'
Mirador Martínez Falero in the ‘Montes de Málaga’ |

Its accessible and strategic location provides a privileged perspective of the mountains, the city of Málaga, and its surroundings, making it a popular destination for both nature lovers and those seeking a quiet place to relax.

Palomar Viewpoint

Near the Ecomuseum Lagar de Torrijos, you’ll find the Palomar Viewpoint, named after the restored ancient dovecote that adorns the place. From here, it is possible to glimpse the course of the Chaperas stream.

Right below the viewpoint is the Lagar de Torrijos, a 19th-century building that used to be used for wine production. The viewpoint is located next to the ecomuseum and is accessible for the whole family.

Hiking Trails

In addition to its natural richness, the trails in Montes de Málaga also offer you the opportunity to learn about the region’s history. Along your journey, you will find ancient water meters that once supplied the city, as well as remnants of traditional constructions that harmoniously blend with the surroundings.

Whether you’re looking for a challenging hike or to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, the Montes’ trails are one of the best hiking areas in Málaga.

Contadoras – Pocopán Route

The route to the Pocopán Viewpoint is usually done through the Contadoras route in the Montes de Málaga, which is a moderate difficulty and low elevation gain trail. However, the last section before reaching the summit is steeper, where you will find a building that was part of a forest surveillance network to prevent fires.

'Mirador de Pocopán', one of the best views in Malaga
‘Mirador de Pocopán’, one of the best views in Malaga |

On clear days, the views from this place allow you to appreciate all the mountain ranges of Málaga and those of neighboring provinces.

Interest Information:

  • Estimated Time: 2h 10min
  • Kilometers: 5.4km
  • Elevation Gain: 202m
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Lagar de Torrijos

The circular route of Lagar de Torrijos starts at a typical old home of the Montes de Málaga region that has been transformed into an ecomuseum. This structure houses an area dedicated to wine production, as well as an old olive mill and artisanal ovens used to make traditional “pan cateto” bread.

Lagar de Torrijos, an Ecomuseum located in the Mountains of Malaga
Lagar de Torrijos, an Ecomuseum located in the Mountains of Malaga |

This trail combines the charm of nature with the cultural richness of the area, offering a unique experience for visitors to the Montes de Málaga Natural Park, ideal for the whole family.

Interest Information:

  • Estimated Time: 3h
  • Kilometers: 8.5km
  • Elevation Gain: 265m

El Cerrado

The Cerrado trail in the Montes de Málaga, surrounded by pine forests, holm oaks, cork oaks, junipers, and strawberry trees, intersects with a path that leads to the Cochino viewpoint. There, you can follow the sign to continue along a ravine where the El Cerrado recreational area is located.

This is a short and easy trail, ideal for a relaxed day in nature. The most recommended time is when the strawberry trees are laden with fruit, which usually occurs in the autumn.

Interest Information:

  • Estimated Time: 1h 10min
  • Kilometers: 3.11km
  • Elevation Gain: 199m
  • Difficulty: Easy

Restaurants in Montes de Málaga

The Montes de Málaga host a variety of restaurants, rural establishments that offer a unique gastronomic experience with traditional regional dishes. Below, we provide some of the best restaurants in the Montes de Málaga.

El Túnel Restaurant

El Túnel Restaurant is an iconic place in Málaga to enjoy traditional food. It was founded approximately 60 years ago by José Tovar and his family, initially specializing in serving meals to truck drivers traveling on the road to Casabermeja.

Venta 'El Túnel', a place for lovers of traditional cuisine
Venta ‘El Túnel’, a place for lovers of traditional cuisine |

Since then, it has become a reference point for lovers of good traditional cuisine in a cozy and authentic atmosphere. Among its standout dishes are rice casserole, pork loin in lard, tripe, traditional migas, and Montes wine.

Interest Information:

  • Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm
  • Price Range: €22-€35
  • Phone: 952 26 62 11
  • Location: Carretera de las Pedrizas, km 33

Los Montes Restaurant

Los Montes Restaurant in Málaga is a renowned establishment known for its charm and culinary excellence. This place specializes in the popular Montes dish, consisting of pork loin, potatoes, egg, chorizo, and peppers.

With the capacity to accommodate numerous diners, the restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere and friendly service. Whether it’s for a family meal, a special celebration, or simply to savor the authentic flavors of the region.

Interest Information:

  • Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Price Range: €18-€30
  • Phone: 952 26 02 35
  • Location: Camino Colmenar, Km. 555

Galwey Restaurant

Galwey Restaurant is an iconic place that offers an authentic gastronomic experience. It stands out for its pleasant atmosphere and charming surroundings, including a terrace where you can enjoy views of the area.

Venta Galwey, natural charm in the mountains of Malaga
Venta Galwey, natural charm in the mountains of Malaga |

The dishes are characterized by their generous portions, especially the Iberian starters, as well as migas (breadcrumbs) and game meat such as lamb, venison, or wild boar. Additionally, the service is attentive and welcoming.

Interest Information:

  • Opening Hours: Thursday to Tuesday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Price Range: €15-€30
  • Phone: 952 11 01 28
  • Location: Ctra. los Montes, s/n

How to Get to Montes de Málaga

To access Montes de Málaga, it’s important to note that roads in Montes de Málaga are often narrow with sharp curves, so it’s necessary to drive with caution and adapt to the road conditions.

Carry enough fuel and water as you may find fewer services available once inside the mountain range.

How to Get There by Car

To get to Montes de Málaga by car from the city of Málaga, you should use your own vehicle as there is no public transportation connection. You can follow these steps:

  • From the center of Málaga, head north on the A-45 or A-7, depending on your exact location. Both roads will take you in the right direction.
  • Follow the signs to the A-45 motorway towards Córdoba/Granada if you choose this route. If you prefer the A-7, follow the signs towards Motril/Almería.
  • Continue on the A-45 or A-7 for approximately 5-7 kilometers until you reach exit 119A, indicating “Colmenar” and “Parque Natural Montes de Málaga.” Take that exit.
  • After taking the exit, follow the signs to Colmenar and continue on the MA-3402 road. This road will take you directly to Montes de Málaga.

As you venture further into Montes de Málaga, you’ll encounter different turn-offs and signs that will guide you to various destinations within the mountain range.

Montes de Málaga Map

This map provides you with a detailed view of the different trails, routes, and points of interest in Montes de Málaga. You can select and visualize the trails that suit your preferences. Embark on your adventure and be captivated by this beautiful mountain range and its abundant nature!

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