With a cozy and traditional atmosphere, Campillos is a visit worth considering on your route through the province of Málaga. Here, we will tell you what not to miss and why it is a town to include in your travel plans.

History of Campillos

Certain remains of ceramics and coins found in areas near Campillos indicate that it was a passageway during the Iberian-Roman period. However, the foundation of Campillos did not occur until 1492.

During this period, Christian troops invaded these lands under the command of the Catholic Monarchs. At first, it belonged to the municipality of Teba, but it was not until 1680 that Campillos became its own municipality.

Built and dedicated to the patron saint of the village, Ermita San Benito
Built and dedicated to the patron saint of the village, Ermita San Benito |

From then on, the municipality became a major commercial center and olive oil producer, as olive groves and farmland abound in the surrounding area. It also has good communication with Antequera and Ronda, making it an important transit point between municipalities.

What to See and Do in Campillos

Explore the corners of the Old Town, where you will find whitewashed Andalusian-style houses, picturesque squares, and a traditional atmosphere. We recommend starting by visiting all the hermitages and churches in the town.

Churches and Monuments

If you are interested in the world of architecture, the Church of Santa María del Reposo is a beautiful monument. Originally, the church belonged to the former Archdiocese of Seville until 1958 when it became part of the Diocese of Malaga.

Church of Santa María, Sevillian Baroque decoration
Church of Santa María, Sevillian Baroque decoration |

This construction stands out for its characteristic ornaments of Sevillian Baroque, dating back to the year 1506, although it has been remodeled throughout history due to its antiquity.

  • Address: Pl. España, 29320 Campillos, Málaga
  • Price: Free admission
  • Opening hours: 10:00-13:00
  • Phone: 952 72 21 95

Opening hours may vary depending on the season.

Another notable monument is the Church of Vera Cruz, which was built by the Vera Cruz Brotherhood. On Holy Thursday night, it is very common to witness the encounter of the Virgin and the Christ, a highly popular event among the townspeople as it has been celebrated since 1954.

In addition, Campillos has four important hermitages scattered throughout the town center. The Saint Benedict Hermitage is a building dedicated to the patron saint of the town, Saint Benedict the Abbot, and was built in 1578.

Built by the Vera Cruz Brotherhood, Vera Cruz Church
Built by the Vera Cruz Brotherhood, Vera Cruz Church |

Years later, the Saint Anne Hermitage and the popular San Sebastián Hermitage were constructed. Finally, the Our Lady of Bethlehem Hermitage was built.

Other Places to Visit

If you’re looking for a day of adventure, you must visit the Campillos Multi-Adventure Park. It offers a circuit of zip lines, climbing walls, and other activities of varying difficulty levels. It’s the ideal plan for both children and adults, where fun is guaranteed.

  • Address: 29320 Campillos, Málaga
  • Price: 5-7€
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11:00-14:00, 16:00-19:00. Saturdays and Sundays 11:00-19:00.
  • Phone: 699 363 705

For those interested in the world of motors, Campillos offers the largest International Karting Circuit in Andalusia. The circuit has a length of 1580 meters and a wide fleet of rental karts suitable for children and adults.

Experience the International Karting Circuit
Experience the International Karting Circuit |

  • Address: Ctra. A-384, Km 101, CP. 29320 Campillos, Málaga
  • Price: From 22€. The price varies depending on the contracted time.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00. Saturdays and Sundays 9:00-19:00.
  • Phone: 951 163 120

The Lagunas de Campillos Nature Reserve Interpretation Center is a space where you can learn about the flora and fauna of the Campillos lagoons. During your visit, you will be able to observe numerous life-size replicas of birds and how they inhabit the environment.

  • Address: Pasaje Edf. San Pedro, Parque José María Hinojosa, 29320 Campillos, Málaga
  • Price: Free admission
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-14:00.
  • Phone: 686 38 77 45

Nature and Hiking

Nature lovers will find numerous routes and trails that will take them through stunning landscapes. Discover the outskirts of Campillos by walking along its multiple routes.

If you’re looking for an easy route suitable for the whole family, the Laguna Dulce route is the best option to do with family and friends at a relaxed pace. It has a total distance of 5 kilometers and starts in the town of Campillos.

Ruta Laguna Dulce, a beautiful family trail
Ruta Laguna Dulce, a beautiful family trail |

During the walk, you will encounter a great variety of vegetation and fauna in the surroundings of the lagoon. The destination is Laguna Dulce, a natural area with a beautiful natural environment and a rest area where you can take a break.

For a more challenging route, the Campillos-Teba route covers approximately 12 kilometers. Teba is one of the neighboring towns that has good communication with Campillos, so the route to this municipality is straightforward.

Ruta Campillos-Teba, an extensive route between neighbouring villages
Ruta Campillos-Teba, an extensive route between neighbouring villages |

Along the way, you can enjoy the nature that this area offers. If you want to extend the route, you can also visit the Guadalteba Reservoir, a group of six reservoirs where there are plenty of routes and trails.

Popular Festivals and Gastronomy

San Benito Festivities

The San Benito de Abad festivities pay homage to the patron saint of the town. The inhabitants celebrate this day with a procession of the saint’s image from the San Benito Hermitage.

The origin of this celebration dates back to 1629, and since then, the streets are decorated, and families gather to eat and celebrate this day every year in mid-July.

Noche en Blanco

Every year, at the end of June, the Noche en Blanco (White Night) takes place. It’s a unique festival where various recreational activities and shows are held for the whole family. In the central square of the town, there are market stalls with local products to taste.

Celebrated in June, the Noche en Blanco is a traditional Andalusian festival
Celebrated in June, the Noche en Blanco is a traditional Andalusian festival |

If you have the opportunity to visit Campillos at the end of June, you can enjoy theater plays, magic performances, live music, dances, parades, and more. It’s a great plan to enjoy a day with family or friends.

Guarrock Festival

If you enjoy good music, every year in September, the Guarrock Festival is celebrated. It’s a day dedicated to the largest rock music festival in Málaga, attracting thousands of visitors each year. You can witness a rock performance contest and various related activities.

August Fair

Another noteworthy celebration is the August Fair, where Flamenco traditions, booths, music, and dance come together. On August 15th of each year, residents and visitors gather to inaugurate the festival with the “Noche del pescaito frito” (Fried Fish Night).

Music, food and flamenco: Feria de Agosto Campillos
Music, food and flamenco: Feria de Agosto Campillos |

Throughout a whole week, different music shows, traditional dances, and tastings are celebrated. The grand “Flamenco Festival of Campillos” is also commemorated, an event full of folkloric art.

Jam Fair

A very popular gastronomic festival is the Jam Fair. On this day, a wide variety of quality products made in a traditional way are exhibited. It’s undoubtedly a good opportunity to taste typical products of the region and buy some for the return journey home.

Gastronomic fair, where the protagonist is Iberian ham
Gastronomic fair, where the protagonist is Iberian ham |

Various pork products and different types of meat, as well as cheeses and olive oils, are displayed. During the day, there are also performances by “pandas de verdiales” (traditional music groups) and various children’s workshops.

As for gastronomy, you can’t miss the authentic flavors of Campillos. The Porra Campillera (traditional tomato-based cold soup) and pork-based dishes such as lomo en manteca (pork loin cooked in lard) and carne de churrasco (grilled meat) are very typical.

Local sweets from Campillos
Local sweets from Campillos |

For dessert, you must try the artisanal pestiños (honey-coated fritters) and empanadillas de batata (sweet potato turnovers), which are widely consumed during Christmas and Holy Week.

How to Get to Campillos

Getting There by Public Transport

To reach Campillos from Málaga, you have several options available. If you prefer public transportation, you can opt for the bus, with several companies offering regular services from the Málaga Bus Station.

The best option is to take the bus heading to El Saucejo and get off at the Campillos Cruce stop. The journey takes about an hour, and the ticket price is approximately 7€.

Getting There by Car

If you prefer the comfort and flexibility of having your own vehicle and you can depart from Málaga Airport, you can take the MA-23 to join the MA-20 and continue until you take Exit 7 towards Cártama. Once on the A-357, simply follow this road without deviating until you reach Campillos.

Renting a car without a credit card at Málaga Airport is an excellent option to explore the surroundings of Campillos with total freedom and discover other charming neighboring towns such as Álora, Valle de Abdalajís, or Ardales.

Campillos Map

Below, we provide a map with the main points of interest in Campillos so you can plan your visit efficiently and not miss any of the wonders that this town has to offer.

Come and experience the authenticity of Campillos in Málaga! Its history, natural beauty, and welcoming atmosphere await you for an unforgettable experience on the Costa del Sol and in Andalusia. Don’t miss it!

Relevant Information

Best time of year to visit: Between the months of June and September.

Must-see attractions: Visit Campillos during festival seasons, especially the Jam Fair, and take the opportunity to taste their traditional cuisine.

Nearby places to eat: Our favorite places to eat in Campillos are Mesón los Chopos, La Bodega restaurant, or Bar Bocata.

For more information about the town, you can visit the Campillos Town Hall website:

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