When you travel, whether outside or inside your own country, you want to enjoy your trip without any complications, with minimum requirements and the maximum possible flexibility. Having a car hire in Malaga without a credit card offers advantages, however, the other payment methods also have significant advantages.

Payment methods

If you are looking for options to rent a car at Malaga airport, you should know the possible forms of payment that are usually offered. Not all car hire companies offer the same services or the same conditions when hiring their packages. It is not the same to rent a car in Malaga with no excess or deposit as we offer in CarGest, than to assume the payment of an amount as a safeguard in case of accident or damage to the vehicle.

We know how important it is to have maximum flexibility on your holiday, especially when travelling abroad. The different payment methods are an advantage, as they allow you to choose the most convenient way for you.

Currently, at CarGest you do not need to pay to make your booking, which is a huge advantage over companies that require a guarantee or booking fee. In addition, the following payment methods are allowed and under the following conditions:

Credit card payment

Payment by credit card is allowed as long as it is not a prepaid card. In addition, if required, several different cards can be used for payment, as long as they are Visa or Mastercard. It is the most convenient and flexible payment option, as charges are perfectly controlled.

Payment by debit card

As most car hire companies in Malaga offer, you can rent your car with a debit card without any problem as long as it has sufficient funds, but only to pay the cost of renting the car. You are not allowed to pay the deposit by debit card, so a credit card is required. Visa and Mastercard debit cards are accepted.

Payment in cash

Cash payment is permitted for the cost of the vehicle, but not for the deposit or excess, as is the case for payment by debit card. In addition, it is imperative to know that for cash payments, the maximum allowed if you are a foreigner is 2,000 euros, and if you are Spanish, the maximum is reduced to 1,000 euros. This limitation is imposed by Spanish legislation to avoid money laundering.

The requirement of a credit card is due to the fact that, only in case of negligence of the customer with the vehicle, this allows the customer’s bank to retain a guarantee of at least 300 euros. This amount is intended to cover part or all of the costs of damage to the vehicle.

At CarGest, like most car hire companies in Malaga, we do not have the option of hire a vehicle without a deposit. Check the guarantee to be paid according to the vehicle group in the above link.

Enjoy the flexibility of renting your vehicle with CarGest, with no hidden costs and convenient payment methods.