Torrox Costa

Torrox Costa

Located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, Torrox Costa is a destination that captivates its visitors with its magnificent climate, considered one of the best in Europe. This picturesque coastal enclave offers a perfect combination of golden beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a promenade that invites long walks.

Furthermore, this locality takes pride in its local festivals and traditions, which provide a unique opportunity to experience authentic Andalusian life through events and celebrations. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to discover about this wonderful destination. Keep reading!

History of Torrox Costa

Although the origin of its name comes from the Arabic word “torrux,” which means tower, Torrox Costa has a history that dates back, it is thought, to the Phoenician era. This coastal enclave stands out for the remains of a Roman city-factory, active in the 1st and 4th centuries, known for its production of garum, a popular condiment in the Roman Empire.

Impressive views of Torrox Costa
Impressive views of Torrox Costa |

The Muslim period was another chapter of splendor for Torrox Costa, especially due to the development of the silk industry, until its integration into the Kingdom of Spain in 1487 by the Catholic Monarchs. This transition marked the beginning of a new era, influenced by various cultures that have left their mark on the place.

Today, Torrox Costa is a key tourist destination on the Costa del Sol, which has managed to combine its rich historical heritage with modern amenities and attractions, thus keeping its identity alive over time.

What to See and Do in Torrox Costa

With around 21,000 inhabitants registered in 2023, the population of Torrox Costa doubles during the summer months and becomes lively with activities. Although it is a very popular destination during the warmer months, Torrox Costa also offers attractions worth visiting all year round.

What to See in Torrox Costa

Torrox Lighthouse

This historic lighthouse marks the location where the ancient Roman city and the Phoenician settlement were located, making it a point of cultural interest.

The emblematic lighthouse of Torrox Costa
The emblematic lighthouse of Torrox Costa |

Today, the Torrox Costa Lighthouse is not only an essential guide for sailors navigating these waters but also a cultural and tourist reference point for the region.

Roman and Phoenician Ruins

These archaeological remains, dating back to the 1st century AD, reveal the existence of an ancient community mainly devoted to the production of garum, a highly valued condiment exported to various parts of the Roman Empire.

Roman ruins from the 1st century AD |
Roman ruins from the 1st century AD |

In addition, ruins of warehouses, houses, and other buildings such as the Roman villa and its baths have also been discovered in the area, indicating that the community had a well-developed social and economic organization. Currently, you can learn more about this fascinating history at the interpretation center located in the Lighthouse Keeper’s house.

Paseo Marítimo (Promenade)

The Promenade of Torrox Costa is one of the jewels of the Costa del Sol and invites for long walks, runs, or simply a stroll to relax and enjoy the serenity of the Mediterranean Sea.

Paseo Maritimo of Torrox Costa |
Paseo Maritimo of Torrox Costa |

This promenade borders some of the most beautiful beaches in the region, offering direct access to the golden sand and the refreshing blue of the sea. Additionally, along its several kilometers in length, visitors can find a wide range of cafes, shops, or restaurants making it the perfect place to savor local cuisine while enjoying stunning sea views.

Torrox River

The mouth of the Torrox River, located near the Torrox Costa lighthouse, is a special place where the river meets the Mediterranean Sea.

This enclave stands out for its natural environment and serves as a habitat for different types of birds and local fauna.

Nature and Hiking

Watchtowers Route

Although the route originally starts from Torre del Mar, a municipality located about 8 kilometers away, it can also be done starting from the Calaceite Watchtower, in Torrox Costa, to the Torrecilla Tower, located in Nerja.

One of the watchtowers of Torrox Costa
One of the watchtowers of Torrox Costa |

The route starts on the N-340 and runs parallel to the road, along the beach on a narrow but well-equipped path that allows you to enjoy incredible views of the cliffs.

Points of Interest

  • Estimated Time: 5 – 4 hours
  • Kilometers: 8 km (one way)
  • Estimated Location: Torrox Costa N-340
  • Maximum Altitude: 268 m
  • Difficulty: medium

Nerja Route from Torrox Costa

It’s a moderate walk with easily accessible paths, making it a fairly accessible route for most hikers. The route runs along the coast, is well marked, and can be followed without difficulty.

Points of Interest

  • Estimated Time: 4 hours
  • Kilometers: 9 km (one way)
  • Estimated Location: Torrox Costa Lighthouse
  • Maximum Altitude: 110 m
  • Difficulty: medium

Circular Route Torrox Costa-Torrox

During the hike, you will see a special combination of sea and countryside landscapes typical of this area of Andalusia.

The starting point is the Torrox Costa Lighthouse, an accessible and easy-to-locate place that offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. The route is circular, meaning you will return to the starting point at the end of the journey.

Section of the circular route Torrox Costa-Torrox Pueblo
Section of the circular route Torrox Costa-Torrox Pueblo |

Points of Interest

  • Estimated Time: 3 hours
  • Kilometers: 5 km (round trip)
  • Estimated Location: Torrox Costa Lighthouse
  • Maximum Altitude: 180 m
  • Difficulty: medium

When undertaking any hiking route in Axarquía, it is advisable to start early in the morning to avoid the midday heat, especially in the summer months. Also, make sure to wear suitable hiking shoes, carry enough water to stay hydrated, and snacks.

Sun and Beaches

The beaches of Torrox Costa are famous for the tranquility of their waters and their calm waves, inviting bathers of all ages to enjoy a refreshing swim without worries.

The dark sand, typical of the beaches in this area, not only enhances the natural beauty of the area but also warms up under the sun, offering a pleasant natural warmth for those who enjoy lying on the beach.

Most beaches in Torrox Costa usually have limited parking, and although some have free or paid parking, they tend to be very crowded in the summer months. So, we recommend you go early to get the best spot. And don’t forget to bring a sunshade!

El Morche Beach

An urban beach located approximately 4 kilometers from Torrox Costa stands out for its wide range of services, including showers, rental of sun loungers, children’s and sports areas, making it one of the busiest during high season.

The famous beach of El Morche in Torrox Costa
The famous beach of El Morche in Torrox Costa |

Its proximity to Torrox Costa makes it easily accessible for those staying or residing in the area, offering an excellent option to enjoy the sun and the sea with all the comforts.

How to Get There

Getting to El Morche Beach from Malaga or Torrox is very simple via the A-7 road, taking the Torrox-Costa exit and following the signs for “El Morche”.

El Peñoncillo Beach

El Peñoncillo Beach combines a semi-urban atmosphere with vegetation and essential services such as showers or sun lounger rental, being a popular destination in high season due to its extensive length.

Despite its popularity, it offers a peaceful atmosphere ideal for those seeking relaxation and enjoyment of the natural surroundings.

How to Get There

This beach is very close to the N-340 road and has a parking area, making it very easy to access.

Ferrara Beach

This beach, about 1,200 meters long, is a gem on the coast of Torrox, which not only stands out for its Blue Flag status symbolizing a quality experience for visitors, with clear and safe waters for swimming and the best infrastructures.

Its popularity is not only due to these services but also to its accessibility and the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Ferrara beach in Torrox Costa
Ferrara beach in Torrox Costa |

How to Get There

Access is fairly direct via the same N-340 road. Additionally, it has a parking lot with more than 100 spaces, making it easy to reach by car from nearby points in the municipality or from more distant places like Malaga.

Mazagarrobo Beach

Mazagarrobo Beach is a quiet option for those looking to escape crowds, offering a more secluded atmosphere with limited services, but in an environment that compensates with its beauty and tranquility.

This beach with dark sand and moderate waves offers a less-known setting, even in high season.

How to Get There

Access to Mazagarrobo Beach is not as direct or well-signposted as in more urbanized beaches, so reaching it requires your own vehicle.

Popular Festivals and Gastronomy

August Fair

The August Fair is celebrated in El Morche and takes place from August 11 to 15, offering a variety of activities including chess tournaments, indoor soccer, a gala, the lighting of the municipal booth, and the election of the Mister and Miss of the Festivities.

Spectators at the August fair on the beach of El Morche
Spectators at the August fair on the beach of El Morche |

In addition, visitors can enjoy parades, musical performances, and a maritime procession in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, ending with dances in the municipal booth.

Tourist Fair

In September, Torrox celebrates the Tourist Fair, thanking those who visit the municipality with a festival focused on “migas”, a traditional dish cooked in the large pergola on Ferrara Beach.

The celebration includes free tastings of other typical dishes accompanied by various activities and performances by local artists.

Arriera Salad

The “Arriera Salad” includes fresh ingredients such as oranges, cod, olives, onions, and is seasoned with olive oil, salt, and sometimes peppers. It is a healthy example of using local and seasonal products, reflecting Mediterranean cuisine.

Fennel Stew

This dish, also popular in other areas of Andalusia, is especially relevant during Lent and spring, when wild fennel is in season.

This delicious stew contains fennel, chickpeas or broad beans, and is usually added with potatoes, rice, parts of pork such as bacon and lean meat, as well as a touch of saffron to enhance its flavor.

How to Get There by Public Transport


To get to Torrox Costa from Malaga by bus, you can take a direct ALSA bus from the Port of Malaga or from the Bus Station heading to Torrox.

Bus services depart every hour, and the journey takes approximately 55 minutes. You can check schedules and prices on the ALSA website.

How to Get There by Car

To reach Torrox Costa from Malaga Airport, take the MA-20 from the airport towards Malaga and continue until joining the A-7 towards Motril/Almería. Continue on the A-7 until reaching the exit for Torrox Costa.

This route offers a quick and direct route, taking advantage of the A-7 motorway that runs along the entire coast and offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. For an unforgettable experience, we recommend renting a convertible car at Malaga Airport.

If you are considering a visit to Torrox Costa during your trip to Malaga, we recommend including in your itinerary some very popular destinations such as Nerja, with its famous Caves and the Balcony of Europe, or Frigiliana, a picturesque white village in the hills.

Furthermore, for those who enjoy hiking, the hiking routes in Nerja offer a wide variety of spectacular trails, including the famous Chillar River. Although it’s a bit further away, don’t miss out on a trip to the Caminito del Rey, a unique experience for nature and adventure lovers. And if you want to relax on less crowded beaches, completely different from those in Torrox Costa, you can always explore the coves of Maro, near the beaches of Nerja, where you can enjoy crystal-clear waters and stunning natural landscapes.

Map of Torrox Costa

In conclusion, Torrox Costa is a beloved tourist destination due to its warm temperature throughout the year. Here is a map of Torrox Costa with all the tourist points of interest marked so you can plan your visit easily and quickly.

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