Coves and beaches in Nerja

Coves and beaches in Nerja

This area of the province of Malaga has become a new tourist attraction thanks to its subtropical climate, not being too crowded and, in particular, thanks to its magnificent coastal areas such as the beaches and coves of Nerja, rated among the best in Spain.

They stand out for their wild flora and fauna, constituting a stronghold of pure nature, combined with the proximity of some towns of outstanding beauty such as Nerja or Frigiliana.

To reach any of the places mentioned, it is useful to have your own car or hire a vehicle nearby given that, in addition to enjoying a pleasant day at one of the beaches or coves, you can also take a tour of the local towns and make the most of the day in the best way possible. In addition, we explain how to get to each of the beaches and coves from the airport and from the centre of Malaga.

The best beaches in Nerja

Burriana Beach

Burriana Beach in Nerja, located almost within the town itself and easy to access, with a plethora of services nearby, such as hotels, restaurants and shops of all types. In addition to its extraordinary setting, its natural sand and being located near to such a pretty white village, it is known for the services available and the activities nearby: kayaking, hammocks, eateries, services, adapted to people with disabilities, beach volleyball courts and plenty more things to do in Nerja.

burriana beach in nerja
Burriana Beach in Nerja

Thanks to all of this and the care that is taken of the beach, it received the Spanish Q for tourism quality award for beaches in 2016, in addition to being awarded the blue flag each year. You can also find very close by the Sea Lion Submarine Cave and the Maro Waterfall in Nerja, which can be accessed by renting a boat or a kayak.

How to get there

You will be able to find it right at the edge of the town of Nerja if you are coming from Malaga, and it isn’t difficult to get there. It is the second largest beach in Nerja and has a parking area nearby.

Maro Beach (or Cove)

One of the biggest attractions of the eastern part of Malaga in recent years, Maro beach (Nerja), also known as Maro Cove, is situated past the town of Maro, which is just a few kilometres from Nerja. As it’s not located in an urban center, it doesn’t have many services available, although in recent years, due to the increase in public influx, it has seen the proliferation of several catering services, sunbed rentals, or kayak rentals, with which you can access to see the Maro waterfall in Nerja.

maro beach in nerja
Maro Beach in Nerja

How to get there

It is not difficult to reach at all since you can almost reach the beach itself by car, and can get there from the south of the town with the same name. Since this is quite a well-known beach, it is best to get there a little earlier than normal if you don’t want to have to park too far away, since there isn’t a large amount of parking.

Calahonda Beach, Nerja

Situated just at the foot of the Balcón de Europa (Balcony of Europe) it is possibly the most famous beach among tourists due to its exceptional location and the charm of the houses and fishing boats that surround it. It is a small beach, almost a cove, which is almost impossible to reach at certain times of the year. However, it is definitely worth a visit.

calahonda beach in nerja
Calahonda Beach in Nerja

How to get there

It is accessed via the “boquete de Calahonda” (pedestrian passageway) from the centre of Nerja, which makes it quick and easy to access, but there is no parking nearby. For that reason, to reach Calahonda beach, we recommend parking on the outskirts and enjoying a walk around one of Malaga’s most beautiful towns.

La Caleta Beach, Nerja

Located on the other side of the Balcón de Europa, La Caleta Beach in Nerja, or ‘la Caletilla’, is an option to enjoy in this central spot, with exceptional views, surrounded by the region’s subtropical vegetation, but without the crowds of Calahonda beach, which is smaller and more accessible.

caletilla beach in nerja
Caletilla Beach in Nerja

A hammock service is available, and there are some eateries nearby, it is surrounded by old boats and fishermen’s huts. Not to be confused with a small cove, past Maro, known by the same name.

How to get there

To get there, we have two options: from the town, by going down a not very steep hill, via calle Salón, or from Nerja’s Salón beach, adjoining it, bordering the rocks that separate them, although it is a slightly more complex path.

Playa de las Alberquillas

The Playa de las Alberquillas, located in the idyllic setting of Nerja, is a true paradise for nature lovers and those seeking tranquility. Surrounded by a protected natural landscape, this hidden gem offers crystal-clear waters and soft sands, ideal for a relaxing day under the sun. Its serene and uncrowded atmosphere makes it the perfect place to disconnect from the daily hustle and immerse yourself in a haven of peace.

Las Alberquillas, a heavenly beach in Nerja
Las Alberquillas, a heavenly beach in Nerja

Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will find in Las Alberquillas a fascinating marine environment, full of life and color. Furthermore, its limited accessibility preserves its beauty and purity, ensuring an authentic and environment-respectful experience. Undoubtedly, Playa de las Alberquillas is a hidden treasure in Nerja that deserves to be discovered and enjoyed.

How to Get There

It is accessed via the N-340 road, taking a small marked detour that leads to a dirt road. Although the last stretch of the journey can be a bit uneven, making it advisable to wear shoes or water shoes, the beauty that awaits more than compensates for the effort.

Paper Mills Beach

The Paper Mill Beach in Nerja is known for its natural charm and industrial history. Located at the foot of the Maro cliffs and outside the urban area of Nerja, this beach owes its name to an ancient paper manufacturing mill that was nearby. Although the factory closed years ago, the remains still attract visitors who seek to combine natural beauty with a touch of history.

Paper Mill Beach, a stony beach hidden in nature.
Paper Mill Beach, a stony beach hidden in nature

This pebbly beach, approximately 400 meters long and 13 meters wide, has an isolated location and a low degree of occupancy, making it an ideal place for those seeking tranquility and contact with nature. Additionally, it is an excellent spot for snorkeling, thanks to its crystal-clear waters and wild state. However, it lacks amenities such as bars or showers, so it is recommended to bring sufficient supplies.

How to get there

To get to Paper Mill Beach, you have to drive about 4 kilometers east of Nerja, and about 300 meters from kilometer 298 of the N-340, turn right. There you can park and access the beach via a somewhat hidden path that adds a touch of adventure to the visit. It’s advisable to be prepared for a walk through natural terrain, so it’s important to bring appropriate footwear and water. The access to the beach involves going down from the road, which can be challenging.

The best coves in Nerja

Pino Cove, Maro

This is one of the favourite coves of the area, although it isn’t as easy to reach as the others. It is a long cove with smooth pebbles, with huge cliffs at the sides and a plethora of underwater rock formations, which make it perfect for snorkelling and swimming among the fish by the shore. It is also a semi-nudist beach, where clothing is optional.

best beaches in nerja
Best beaches in Nerja

It is important to remember that almost all of the beaches and coves located between Nerja and La Herradura, including Maro and the Cerro-Gordo cliffs are a Natural Area. Hence, to preserve the wild flora and fauna, fishing and sailing of any type is prohibited within 200 metres of any beach and 50 metres from the coastline.

How to get there

Access is not at all easy, indeed, it is located several kilometres from Nerja. You have to park in a turn-off along the N-340 highway and then go down a very steep 200 metre path, down which you almost have to climb.

El Cañuelo Cove

The furthest away from Nerja and the last cove before the municipal territory of the Granada province begins, it is surrounded by cliffs. It offers spectacular views with crystal clear waters and an abundance of flora and fauna that you will be only be able to see with snorkelling goggles. It has a hammock service, and some eateries and accommodation nearby, it is sometimes possible to hire kayaks etc.

How to get there

It is relatively easy to get there, as you can reach it by car, but to preserve the surrounding nature, car access direct to the beach is prohibited. For this purpose, there are buses that take you to the beach and back for 2 euros per person.

Map of the beaches of Nerja

Below, you can find information about some of the area’s best beaches and coves. The customised map also shows you the summary of geographical points that you simply must visit if you are heading to any of Nerja’s best beaches and coves.

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