In the heart of La Axarquía, the charming municipality of Árchez emerges as a spot nestled between the Tejeda and Almijara mountain ranges. This town is crossed by the waters of the Turvilla River and is nourished by constant water resources, which have given rise to private wells in many houses in the village.

The terrain is filled with vineyards and olive groves on its slopes, while the riverbanks host vegetables and fruit trees. Among its geographical features, the high points of Collado de Tetuán and Collado de Zorra stand out.

Árchez stands as a crossroads of cultures full of history and lush nature. If you want to explore it in-depth, we recommend renting a car at Malaga Airport for comfortable mobility.

History of Árchez

The history of Árchez dates back to the Arab past of the region, as it originated as an Arab farmhouse. A minaret, a kind of tower, located in the center of the town, serves as a reminder of that time and was recognized as a National Monument in 1979.

The conquest of Árchez by the Catholic Monarchs in 1487 marked a turning point in its history. Árchez joined with other villages to form a lordship. The 19th century witnessed intense economic activity in the region, with the existence of mills that bear witness to the vitality of the area. The ruins of these mills can be glimpsed along the courses of the Turvilla River and Algarrobo River.

Árchez, a charming village surrounded by nature
Árchez, a charming village surrounded by nature | surinenglish.com

Today, Árchez has embraced agriculture as its primary source of livelihood. Almond trees, orchards, and especially olive trees dominate the landscape.

What to See and Do in Árchez

Discover the charming corners in Árchez, an Andalusian village with history, architecture, and natural beauty. From alleyways that reflect its Moorish heritage to historical monuments and stunning natural landscapes, Árchez invites you on a journey of discovery.

What to See in Árchez

Here is a selection of the most notable places worth visiting in this hidden gem of La Axarquía, Málaga, which not only boasts monuments but also interesting corners to explore.

Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation

The Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, located in the heart of Árchez, combines Mudejar and Renaissance elements. Its facade is simple yet elegant, with an interior featuring ornate vaults and meticulously carved columns.

Bell tower of the church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación
Bell tower of the church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación | archez.es

The church’s bell tower, or Alminar tower, is considered one of the most important Mudejar examples in the La Axarquía region, measuring 15 meters in height and being a distinctive symbol.

  • Opening Hours:
    • Summer: Thursdays at 7:00 PM, Sundays at 12:30 PM
    • Winter: Thursdays at 6:00 PM, Sundays at 12:30 PM
  • Price: Free
  • Location: C/ Federico García Lorca, 8

Cobbled Streets of Árchez

Losing yourself in the labyrinthine streets of Árchez is an experience in itself. The narrow cobbled lanes and whitewashed facades will transport you back in time and allow you to appreciate the Moorish layout that has left its mark.

Some houses feature steep two-sloped roofs, while others showcase modern terraces that are relatively new in construction. A notable peculiarity is that many homes have their own well, harnessing the multiple watercourses that traverse the municipality for their water supply.

One of the impressive cobbled streets of Árchez
One of the impressive cobbled streets of Árchez | axarquiaproperties.com

As you walk through the streets, you’ll encounter an interesting contrast of architectural styles, including some buildings reminiscent of the renowned master Gaudí’s style.

Ancient Mills

In the lands of Árchez, the ancient flour mills mark its history. Among them, the Molino de Doña Fidela stands out, a notable emblem located in the basin of the Turvilla River, near the heart of the town.

Flour mill of Árchez surrounded by nature
Flour mill of Árchez surrounded by nature | cedeaxarquia.org

Along the course of this river, history comes to life in two other mills, the Molino de Reusto and the Molino de Castrán. Each of these mills invites visitors to explore the footsteps of those who shaped the past of this land.

Nature and Hiking

La Axarquía in Málaga offers rich natural beauty. From routes that reveal local history and culture to paths that immerse you in panoramic landscapes, Árchez invites visitors to a unique hiking experience.

Mills Route

The Mills Route in Árchez is a journey through orchards, mills, and irrigation channels. This route is an invitation to explore history, nature, and cultural heritage in one go. Through its varied elements and the majesty of the surrounding mountains, this route promises an unforgettable family-friendly experience, being a relatively easy route.

Interest Points

  • Estimated Time: 2 hours and 20 minutes
  • Kilometers: 3.7 km
  • Elevation Gain: 143 m
  • Approximate Location: Paraje de El Cañuelo
  • Difficulty: Easy

San Antón Hermitage Route

The hiking route from Árchez to the San Antón Hermitage offers an exciting circular adventure that starts and ends in Árchez. With a moderate difficulty level, it is suitable for people of all fitness levels.

Hermitage of San Ánton in the village of Árchez
Hermitage of San Ánton in the village of Árchez | malaga.es

The starting point of the route is near a parking area, making access easy. As you progress along the trail, you can enjoy nature and panoramic views. The San Antón Hermitage, the central point of the hike, offers a historical perspective and provides a perfect place to rest and contemplate the surroundings.

Interest Points

  • Estimated Time: 2 hours
  • Kilometers: 3.82 km
  • Elevation Gain: 150 m
  • Approximate Location: Árchez – Canillas de Albaida
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Árchez – Sierra Almijara Route

The Árchez to Sierra Almijara route is a hiking experience that takes you through the nature of the region. This circular route starts on the road connecting Árchez and Canillas de Albaida, inviting you to immerse yourself in the peaceful environment.

Flow of the river Turvilla surrounded by nature
Flow of the river Turvilla surrounded by nature | lasplantasdemisexcursiones.blogspot.com

Following the course of the Turvilla River, the path leads you to the Cortijo de los Lisos, where you’ll find stunning views. The route then takes you to descend to the Water Mill, crossing a Roman bridge before culminating in Canillas de Albaida, where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest before descending back to Árchez.

Interest Points

  • Estimated Time: 3 hours
  • Kilometers: 12 km
  • Elevation Gain: 801 m
  • Approximate Location: Árchez – Canillas de Albaida
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Popular Festivals and Gastronomy

In Árchez, festivals and food are an essential part of its identity. In this section, we will take you to explore the traditional festivities and the unique flavors of the local cuisine.

San Antón Festival

The last weekend of January marks the San Antón Festival, a celebration that begins with a mass followed by a lively procession around the town. At noon, attendees enjoy a communal paella in a festive atmosphere. Concerts, horse ribbon races, and wine are traditions during this festival.

Celebration of the popular pilgrimage of San Antón
Celebration of the popular pilgrimage of San Antón | comarca31.com

Corpus Christi – Andalusian Night

The second week of June brings a special celebration known as Corpus Christi or Andalusian Night. It starts with a morning procession of the Christ and then transforms into a night of cultural, sports, and folk activities.

Additionally, the week leading up to Corpus Christi is celebrated as the Cultural Week with leisure activities for all ages, showcasing the local pride in its heritage and traditions.

Our Lady of the Incarnation Fair

In late July or early August, the Patron Saint Festivals in honor of Our Lady of the Incarnation take the stage. The events begin with the opening of the fairgrounds, the selection of the festival queen, and her maids of honor.

The dance and the pilgrimage in honor of the patron saint fill the atmosphere with devotion and joy. The tradition of “ribbon race” on horseback persists, although nowadays, this event also includes motorcycles and bicycles.

Candelarias Festival

Árchez lights up in September with the Candelarias. During this festival, bonfires burn as families, neighbors, and friends gather to share food, songs, and dances around the fire, creating a warm and festive atmosphere.


In Árchez, the cuisine is based on local products that give life to exquisite dishes. Specialties like fennel stew with rice, ajoblanco (cold garlic soup), breadcrumbs, and cod omelets with sugarcane honey are highly appreciated.

Exquisite dish of migas in a clay bowl
Exquisite dish of migas in a clay bowl | viajar.elperiodico.com

Notable is the production of homemade wine, as well as raisins, olives, almonds, avocados, and mangoes. The gastronomy of this town invites you to savor the authenticity of the region.

How to Get to Árchez

To get to Árchez from Malaga, you have several options available, and you can choose to arrive by car, less than an hour away, or by public transport.

How to Get There by Public Transport

If you want to use public transport, you can take a bus from the Málaga Bus Station heading to Vélez-Málaga. From there, you can find connections to Árchez through local buses.

Keep in mind that schedules may vary, so it’s advisable to check them in advance to plan your trip accordingly. The journey takes approximately two hours and has an average cost of 12-15 euros.

How to Get There by Car

If you choose to use your own vehicle, you can take the A-7 Motorway eastward from Málaga and continue for about 30 kilometers. Then, take exit 272 towards Algarrobo/Cómpeta and follow the signs to Algarrobo/Cómpeta. Once in Algarrobo, you’ll find signs guiding you to Árchez.

Árchez Map

Below is a map highlighting the most interesting places to visit in Árchez. From its rich history to its charming corners, this map will guide you through the treasures that this town in La Axarquía has to offer. Get ready to explore and discover the charms of Árchez!

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