Welcome to Algarrobo, a charming coastal town located in the province of Málaga, in the beautiful region of La Axarquía. Its municipality is divided into four areas: Algarrobo, Trayamar, Mezquitilla, and Algarrobo-Costa.

With its picturesque streets and dreamy beaches, this destination is perfect for a relaxing and charming vacation. Are you ready to explore everything Algarrobo has to offer? Join us on this journey!

History of Algarrobo

Thanks to its good communication with the coastal area, the Phoenicians settled in the current area of Mezquitilla. There, they built houses and seaports, which served them to trade fish and be their main source of wealth. Later, on the other side of the Algarrobo River, they created their Necropolis to bury their deceased along with their riches. This area is now Trayamar.

The Phoenician Acropolis of Trayamar is a historical site
Phoenician Necropolis of Trayamar is a historical site |

Centuries later, the Romans settled in a colony near the already inhabited area, enjoying a long-lasting peace until the fall of the Empire. They then had to seek refuge further inland in the current Algarrobo Pueblo.

Later on, thanks to the farming and manufacturing techniques of the Arabs, Algarrobo experienced great economic growth through the production of raisins, figs, almonds, and silk. In addition, there were numerous urban constructions that have preserved their original layouts.

Throughout the centuries, the town has experienced the influence of different cultures. Nowadays, its rich history is reflected in its cobbled streets, traditional architecture, and historical monuments.

What to See and Do in Algarrobo

Algarrobo offers a wide range of activities. If you prefer to explore the old town, you can wander through the narrow streets of the historic center, where you’ll find charming white houses adorned with flowers and balconies full of charm.

Religious architecture with gothic and renaissance elements
Religious architecture with gothic and renaissance elements |

The Church of Santa Ana is one of its most prominent monuments, a beautiful religious building that combines Gothic and Renaissance elements dating back to the 18th century. While the exterior has minimal decorations, the interior is quite the opposite. It consists of three naves with pointed arches resting on large pillars.

  • Address: 29750 Algarrobo, Málaga
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday. 9:00-13:00 and 17:00-20:00
  • Price: Free admission

If you’re interested in archaeology, you can’t miss visiting the Phoenician Necropolis of Trayamar, a site with characteristic Eastern design dating back to the 7th century BC. It consists of rock excavations with a chamber covered in wood. These constructions served as family burial grounds during the Phoenician era.

Guided tours are available. We recommend calling in advance, as it is privately owned, and the schedules may vary.

  • Address: Terreno Aul, 27, 29751 Algarrobo, Málaga
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday. 9:00-13:30
  • Price: Free admission
  • Phone: 619 88 30 29

In the Trayamar area, you’ll find the Casa del Ceregumil, a modern facade house built in the 20th century. It was a resting place for pharmacist Bernabé Fernández Sánchez, who was the inventor of Ceregumil.

A house built in the 20th century, which serves as a monument
A house built in the 20th century, which serves as a monument |

During the Spanish Civil War, it became a clandestine medicine factory and also served as a cultural meeting point for painters and poets from the Generation of ’27. In the 1960s, the pharmacist’s family donated the land and the house to the Diocese of Málaga. It is currently the Trayamar House of Spirituality.

  • Address: A-7206, 11, 29751 Algarrobo, Málaga
  • Phone: 952 51 13 53

Nature and Hiking

Nature lovers will enjoy the numerous hiking trails surrounding Algarrobo. Here are some of the most notable ones in the area:

Algarrobo River Park Route

This 3.4-kilometer route is perfect for a leisurely walk from the coast of Algarrobo to the town of Algarrobo. The path begins at the mouth of the Algarrobo River and follows along the riverbank until reaching the bridge. A few meters further, you’ll find the Escalerilla Park, a spacious park with gardens and rest areas.

Exercise caution on slippery areas near the river, especially when the river is flowing.

Bentomiz Castle Route

If you’re looking for a slightly more challenging route, this nearly 11-kilometer circular route can be a good option. It starts at Karat Avenue, next to the health center in the town of Algarrobo. Then, join the asphalt road and follow the red painted stakes that mark the route. Along this path, you’ll reach the remains of the castle, which was once a prominent Arab fortress.

The Bentomiz Castle Route, is an extensive route of medium difficulty
The Bentomiz Castle Route, is an extensive route of medium difficulty |

From there, you can enjoy marvelous views of the coast, and on clear days, you can even see the mountains of the Moroccan coast. To return, you can follow the same path or take the Bentomiz stream, which leads back to the town.

The entire route is uphill, so it is recommended to make at least two stops in shaded areas and carry water.

Route to Puerto de la Caleta

If, on the other hand, you prefer to enjoy the nature of the coastal region, you can do so along its extensive coastline by following the route to Puerto de la Caleta. It covers a distance of nearly 6 kilometers and is a circular route.

River where you can take a relaxing stroll
River where you can take a relaxing stroll |

Start at the Los Pescadores promenade, at the mouth of the Algarrobo River, and follow along the coast until you reach the port of La Caleta de Vélez. This route is ideal for families and offers wonderful views of this corner of the Costa del Sol.

Sun and Beaches

If you visit Algarrobo during the warmer months, you can enjoy its beautiful beaches and spend a day along the municipality’s coastline. Algarrobo Costa Beach is perfect for relaxing under the sun, taking a refreshing swim, or practicing water sports.

Located in the town centre, Playa Algarrobo costa has a wide range of leisure activities
Located in the town centre, Playa Algarrobo costa has a wide range of leisure activities |

If you prefer a beach with an urban atmosphere, Algarrobo Costa Beach is the most suitable. It is characterized by its family-friendly environment, easy access, and a wide coastal area equipped with all kinds of services, including showers, beach bars, sun loungers, and even water activities.

Playa Mezquitilla is a quieter beach, perfect for relaxing
Playa Mezquitilla is a quieter beach, perfect for relaxing |

If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, Mezquitilla Beach is an excellent option to enjoy peace and serenity by the sea. Thanks to its proximity to other tourist towns, you can also visit nearby beaches in Nerja or Torrox.

Popular Festivals and Gastronomy

In Algarrobo, local festivities are a unique experience. One of its most notable festivals is the Romería de San Isidro, where every year in early May, the locals pay tribute to San Isidro, considered the protector of agriculture in popular culture.

To celebrate, they hold a mass in his honor at the San Sebastián hermitage and then transport the saint in ox-drawn carriages to the Escalerilla Park. There, the residents and visitors gather, showcasing various flamenco dances and singing performances.

The Algarrobo Fair, held annually in early August, is one of the most prominent festivals. If you visit the town during these dates, you can enjoy live music, dance performances, parades, and delicious traditional food.

A well known party, where the protagonist is the beer
A well known party, where the protagonist is the beer |

Another popular event is the Oktoberfest, also known as the beer festival. It takes place at the International Center of Algarrobo Costa. During this festive occasion, there are music shows, concerts, and tastings of typical local dishes. It’s definitely one of the festivals you shouldn’t miss.

As for gastronomy, Algarrobo is famous for its tortas de aceite, a sweet pastry of Arab origin that you can find in any local pastry shop. Another typical dish is the potaje de coles algarrobeño, which is commonly consumed during cold weather due to its richness.

You can try it in local restaurants, along with other traditional dishes such as ajoblanco, potaje de hinojos, and, of course, espetos de sardinas (sardine skewers), fish, and seafood at the beach bars along the coast.

How to Get to Algarrobo

Getting there by bus

To get to Algarrobo from Málaga, the best option is to take the Alsa bus towards Nerja from the Málaga Bus Station and get off at the Algarrobo Costa stop. The route may vary depending on the departure time, with stops in Vélez-Málaga, Almayate, or Rincón de la Victoria. The journey duration ranges between 50 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes, and the cost is €3.36. Bicycles and pets are allowed.

Getting there by car

If you prefer to travel by car from Málaga Airport to Algarrobo, you can take the A-7 road towards A-7206 in the direction of Frigiliana-Cómpeta, then take exit 948 and follow the signs until you reach the town. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

The best option is to rent a car at Málaga Airport, which will allow you to reach places of interest quickly and comfortably. You’ll also be able to enjoy the beautiful views along the way and explore Algarrobo and neighboring villages such as Canillas de Aceituno, Sedella, and Sayalonga.

Map of Algarrobo

Below, you’ll find a map showing all the relevant points of interest in Algarrobo, from its main tourist attractions to its recommended beaches and restaurants. Use this map as a guide to explore the town and make the most of your visit.

Discover the charming beauty of Algarrobo and immerse yourself in its rich culture, beaches, and delicious gastronomy! This destination has everything you need for an unforgettable vacation on the Costa del Sol. Don’t wait any longer and plan your trip to Algarrobo right now!

Relevant information

Best time of year to visit: The best time to visit Algarrobo is between the summer and autumn months.

Can’t miss: Spend a morning exploring the town and its old town, and in the afternoon, enjoy the views from the coastal promenade.

Nearby places to eat: If you want to taste the true flavors of this town, don’t miss Restaurante Cano Benítez, Mesón Los Lobos, or Arrocería Varadero.

For more information, visit the Algarrobo Town Hall website:

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