What are the fuel policies when renting a car, which one is best for me? You can rent a car in Malaga with a full-to-full, same-same policy or return it as is and with a different deposit to the one you picked it up with.

Fuel policies at Malaga car rental companies

The most common fuel policies at Malaga airport are as follows, although these may vary depending on the company and the service packages they offer. We therefore recommend that you read the different clauses carefully to avoid unexpected surprises. Fuel policies generally follow these patterns:

Full to full

This means that the vehicle is always received full of fuel and must be returned to the car rental company full of fuel as well. If this is the option you have chosen or is offered by the car rental company you have hired your vehicle from, it is essential that you don’t forget the ticket from the petrol station, as proof of the exact amount of fuel you have filled up.


The vehicle is delivered to the customer with a quantity of fuel that will be indicated on collection of the vehicle and must be returned with the same amount as received. This is the policy we currently employ at CarGest.

Return with a different amount than the amount received

It is possible to offer as an additional service that the client returns the vehicle with a different amount of fuel than the one received. However, this service is usually associated with an additional cost for the difference in fuel. This is especially useful if you are in a hurry and have not had time to refuel the vehicle on the way to the airport.

At CarGest we offer the same-same-same policy as usual, being also the most widespread among car hire services at Malaga airport. In addition, we offer the possibility of returning the vehicle with a different amount of fuel in exchange for an amount to be taken from the tank, as will be explained to you by the colleagues at the counter.

Other companies use the full-full fuel policy, however, in the long term the costs can end up being higher, as they sometimes include costs such as Refuelling Service in the delivery or return.

CarGest avoids the use of this type of policy in order to eliminate hidden costs. The only costs we charge are those associated with returning the vehicle with a different fuel load to the one received.