Tapas in Nerja

Tapas in Nerja

Testing out some varied and delicious tapas in Nerja is a fantastic plan to enjoy Spanish and local gastronomy while visiting this beautiful white town on Malaga’s east coast.

The offer of restaurants and tapas bars in Nerja is extremely diverse, you can find anything from traditional bars to creative and original tapas restaurants. Most of them are situated in the heart of the town, but there are more options to enjoy tapas (or ‘tapear’) in other parts of Nerja.

So you don’t miss out on any of the places to enjoy tapas in Nerja, here at CarGest rent a car we have created a summary map that you can take a look at below.

Tapas in the centre of Nerja

We have chosen tapas bars and restaurants that are in the heart of Nerja, near to the Balcony of Europe (Balcón de Europa) and Nerja’s Museum.

La Piqueta

La Piqueta de Nerja is a bar situated right in the heart of the town, very near to the Balcony of Europe (Balcón de Europa). You simply must not miss its refreshing cocktails, particularly in summer, as well as its tapas of small sandwiches and frying pans of potato with fried eggs with different combinations such as ham, chorizo or peppers.

The venue has music playing most of the day, with an upbeat and lively atmosphere. It is perfect for enjoying a few cocktails or other cold drinks, or to dine with friends on its terrace of high tables.

Bar Redondo

One of the most popular bars, both with locals and international visitors, is Nerja’s Redondo Bar, where you can find a varied menu of tapas to accompany a drink. It is located on the narrow street, Calle de la Gloria, and features high tables outside lit up with lanterns, creating a fantastic atmosphere for spring and summer evenings.

fried fish in bar redondo
Fried octopus from Bar Redondo | www.facebook.com

Inside, you can find a central bar with high chairs around it, where you can enjoy Nerja’s tapas while you watch them prepare the drinks and food.

El Refugio

At Nerja’s El Refugio restaurant they do excellent meat dishes. However, that doesn’t mean that they are exclusively dedicated to meat. In fact, it is a great place to try a good paella in Nerja.

el refugio terrace
Terrace of El Refugio | www.facebook.com

Customers highlight the fantastic customer service, commenting on both the friendliness and professional service they received. If you feel like eating in a homely and cheerful atmosphere, El Refugio is a great option.

El Pulguilla

El Pulguilla Restaurant in Nerja is the most popular place to enjoy tapas in Nerja. It specialises in fish and seafood, its typical fried fish dish (fritura de pescado) and the fresh roast pepper salads are highlights.

It is situated in one of Nerja’s central streets, a short distance from the Balcony of Europe (Balcón de Europa) and boast a stunning terrace with views of a flower garden among white houses.

Los Barriles

This small and traditional tapas bar in Nerja is situated in Nerja town centre’s most commercial street and stands out for its chorizo dish ‘choricitos al fuego’ which is cooked at the table in a small and very original earthenware bowl.

sausage on fire
Chorizos al fuego from Los Barriles | www.facebook.com

It doesn’t have a particularly extensive menu, but its speciality is the different styles of chorizo and various cooked dishes. Los Barriles in Nerja is a good choice if you want to enjoy tapas in different bars and check out the specialities of each one.

Tapas on the outskirts of Nerja

The town of Nerja isn’t just limited to the surroundings of the Balcony of Europe (Balcón de Europa) or its central narrow streets, it also stretches to the Verano Azul Park or the relaxing spas in Nerja, as well as the tapas bars mentioned below.

El Sevillano

As we saw in this post about restaurants in Nerja, El Sevillano is a classic tapas bar, with striking typical Andalusian décor, using barrels as tables and high white chairs.

In terms of food, its menu stands out for having a multitude of Mediterranean style Spanish tapas, from typical fried fish dishes or tortillas to seafood salads.

Dolores El Chispa

With a beautiful white inner courtyard, you simply must visit this place try its wonderful barbecued fish, with the traditional local skewering technique. Dolores El Chispa in Nerja also offers fresh salads, fried fish dishes and seafood paella.

sardines on skewers
Espetos de Dolores El Chispa | www.facebook.com

Before you reach the courtyard, they have an area to try tapas, and if you prefer to eat on a terrace, you can see how they do the fish skewers at any time. Customers also highlight the excellent value for money and service received from the staff.

La Rienda

La Rienda Nerja stands out from the other places for offering traditional ‘raciones’ or portions and tapas, but with a more modern presentation. It has a few tables outside and offers a tapas with each drink.

la rienda bar
La Rienda Nerja | www.facebook.com

La Taberna de Pepe Moles

A very old establishment which has a large wine cellar, a great option if you want to enjoy tapas in Nerja with quality wine. Additionally, it has a menu of interesting portions (raciones), “toasts” (tostas) and “snacks” (picoteo) so you can try other dishes from the local gastronomy.

prawns in pilpil sauce
Gambas pilpil de la Taberna de Pepe Moles | www.latabernadepepemoles.com

It is situated very near to the famous “Barco de Chanquete” and, although it is a wine bar, La Taberna de Pepe Moles specialises in Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. It has barrels outside, a large indoor area with tables and a bar where you can try its wines and tapas.

Map of tapas in Nerja

The following map is a great way of finding all of the tapas bars and restaurants in Nerja in an instant, and without any problems whatsoever. Accompanying your stay with great gastronomy is what will turn a few nice days into a memorable holiday.

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