Vélez Málaga Golf Courses

Velez Malaga is the largest city of its region and one of the biggest one in Málaga province.

Velez Málaga
Located in the Axarquia Costa del Sol, it has a population of 77.004 inhabitants, its main industry as many of others cities in the coast of Málaga, is tourism, follow by agriculture, notably the production of tropical products, avocado, custard apple (Chirimoya), mango, among many other products of the area, remains you the avocado the main product which makes it the largest producer of this subtropical product.

It maintains an average yearly temperature of 18º Celsius, with little rainfall average, reaching 470 litres per square metre.

Road Network

Your excellent communication with the interior towns vecindarias and coast through the road network easier to locate and access. Mediterranean A7 motorway, which connects the capital Malaga airport and in the opposite direction Motril.

- The N340, in its former course parallel to the coast continues to serve as another option.

- A356 the Arc road, the most important local road communicates the interior Towns of the Axarquia.

- Velez Malaga MA4111 join the Towns of, Arenas, Árchez and Corumbela.

- Velez Malaga MA3113 joins northwest direction with, Trapiche, Triana, Benamargosa and Riogordo

- Velez Malaga MA3116 joins with Benamocarra

- MA3120 links Almayate with Los Puertas

- MA3203 road to Benajarafe and Cajiz, continuing to Benaque and Macharaviaya through MA3118

- and finaly the MA3115 to Iznate and Benamargosa.

Axarquia's gastronomy has its best popular demand moment during Easter (Holy week), recommending the Ajobacalao (cood in galic sauce) specialty.

Bavaria Golf Club situated in this town, is a 18 holes course overlooking the sea and mountains, designed by Jose Mª Cañizares. A golf course for everyone enjoyments with out handicup worries.