Golf club hire in Malaga

Golf club hire in Malaga

Throughout this post we will talk about everything you need to know about golf clubs. You will learn about all the types of golf clubs there are, how to choose the right sets of golf clubs for each level and the best brands of golf clubs on the market. In addition, we will also talk about golf club hire Malaga.

Types of Golf Club

To begin with, you are no doubt asking yourself why there are so many types of golf clubs in a golf bag. Each of the 18 fairways of a golf course has different lengths and it was discovered that, in order to adapt the shots to the distances, it was easier to use different clubs than to learn different techniques for each shot. That’s why so many variations of golf clubs were designed. If you are interested you can get them at a golf club hire in Malaga.


You will easily recognize woods because they have a large head and a fairly long shaft, these characteristics improve the speed of the shot and there are golf clubs in Malaga that can provide you with a set of these clubs or hire woods from companies that are dedicated exclusively to offering this service.

player with wooden golf club

Precisely because of the anatomy of this club, its primary use is for teeing off from the tees with the wood called a driver and for long distance shots. Woods are the kind of clubs you can use for hard hits and to achieve a greater distance. Despite being called woods, they are not actually made from this material anymore, they are usually made from titanium or steel.


This kind of club is extremely useful for distances of between 70 and 180 meters. The head has an axis in relation to the ground of about 20º to 45º, and the length of the shaft can be from about 89 to 99 centimetres. If they are suitable for your type of game, you can hire them from a golf club hire in Malaga.

player with iron golf club

Compared to woods, irons are known to offer better ball control and can also be used in challenging grass conditions, if it is too high or perhaps wet. The standard set of golf clubs has irons from 3 to 9, although there are some that start with 4. This is because beginners tend to prefer hybrid clubs as they are easier to use than long irons.

Hybrids or Rescues

Hybrid clubs are larger than iron clubs and are similar in shape to woods. These types of clubs are often used by beginners as a substitute for woods.


Wedges and iron clubs can sometimes be easily confused as they are very similar and some people classify them in the same category of clubs. The golf clubs in your bag with the biggest angle are wedges. Some of them have specific names depending on what they are used for, such as the pitching wedge which ranges from 44 to 48 degrees and is usually used for shots to the flag. The sand wedge, which is 56 degrees, is perfect for getting the ball out of the sand trap or bunker.

wedge golf club

Other wedges that you can find are the gap wedge with its 52 degrees, which can be considered as the intermediate between the two previous clubs, or the lob wedge which has 60 degrees and helps the ball to stay in place right where it lands. All of these clubs can be rented in Malaga.

Best golf club brands

When you go to buy or hire a set of golf clubs, you have certain brands in mind that can help you to improve your game. Here we will show you some of the most important and best brands you can find on the market.

Callaway Golf Clubs

This brand has been a worldwide leader for many years when it comes to irons, the reason being that Trevor Immelman, winner of the PGA Championship usually uses them. This has also led the brand to be recognized by the specialist magazine, Golf Digest, in different categories as the brand with the highest sales of irons in the last few years.

TaylorMade Golf Clubs

Although Callaway golf clubs are famous for being the leader in sales, unquestionably, the king of drivers is TaylorMade. This company has produced the most popular driver on the PGA Tour for many years, thanks to the use of different technologies that the brand itself has developed and for which the company enjoys the fame they´ve had until this day.

Nike Golf Clubs

Over the last few years, the American sports brand has made a big commitment to this sport, not only carving out an important place in the market, but also managing to make golf popular in a big way thanks to the brand’s advertising campaigns. Tiger Woods is the most recognized face of Nike golf, but the company collaborators also include Paul Casey, Michell Wie, Stewart Cink, Anthony Kim and many others.

nike golf club and golf ball

Wilson Golf Clubs

They are considered a veteran company because they have been in the business for over 100 years, offering high quality irons. They also hold the record of Majors achieved and have always been present among the winners of major world tournaments.

Mizuno Golf Clubs

This is a Japanese brand that has been famous thanks to clubs like the Mizuno MP-58 iron, a leader in the circuit. Charles Howell III was the last PGA Tour professional player signed by this firm.

Adams Golf Clubs

Without a shadow of a doubt, their specialty are woods, although they have good clubs in different categories. They have had three of the PGA Tour stars representing the brand, Aaron Baddeley, Tom Watson and Bernhard Langer.

Ping Golf Clubs

This brand has been to be a leader in the golf world as they focus on creating innovations in less typical clubs such as wedges, although they also have excellent irons.

Odyssey Golf Clubs

In recent years, many stars have won tournaments with the popular Odyssey putters. This popularity is thanks to the fact that this brand always tries to create different putters and with a technology developed by the brand itself that gives special characteristics on the contact surface.

player using a putter golf club

Although these are some of the best golf club brands, there are a lot of other golf clubs that are cheaper and of a good quality.

All these types of golf clubs and many other brands, in addition to those mentioned above, can be hired at the golf course itself or contact a company specializing in golf club hire in Malaga.

If you want to play this sport, travel to different golf courses on the Costa del Sol and not have to carry the clubs back and forth by plane, public transport or taxi, you can rent a car at Malaga airport.

Avoid the hassle of lugging bulky golf clubs to the airport and forget about costly baggage fees using a Malaga airport golf club hire company. On their websites, you just need to select the number of days you will play for and then choose from the different brands available.

More often than not, the hire of the set include: irons, woods, hybrids, putter, driver, PW and SW. You can have them delivered to your hotel, train station, airport, hire car company or you can also pick them up at the hire company itself.

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