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Dear user;
Thank you for choosing our website and give us the opportunities for your election of a Car Rental company, the least we can offer you on gratitude for your interest is:

A. Mobility plan at your destination.
1. Which Car Rental company?
a. Choose the company for they prices
b. Choose it for their offer services
c. The extensive variety models of vehicles
d. For the easy location of their offices
2. How to make the choice?
a. Very effective and a solving Website
- Attractive offers
- Easy to navigate
- In three easy steps, one minute later, I have a quote
b. They have the range and model of car I need for my holidays
c. The prices are competitive
d. The conditions and rental terms and insurance covers are well specified and Clear
e. I will be meet at the airport terminal, or...
- I would like it to have it delivered it to my destination holidays rental home/place/hotel
3. What are my needs?
a. Personalized service (I do not like talking to automated system)
b. Administrative efficiency and agility on arrival point
c. Guaranteed and security of the product and service
d. Logistical support if need
e. Professional and efficiency personal treat

B. I made a decision. What next?
1. Once you have chosen the rental company and the vehicle you'll like to book, you should receive immediately booking confirmation.
a. If the reservation system offers this option
b. Custom whether the system responds with an e-mail
2. The RESERVATION CONFIRMATION document, must include the following information:
Name of person making the booking
Date of delivery / collection of the vehicle
Duration of days of rental
Vehicle model (*)
Agreed price
Details of the place of delivery of the vehicle
In some cases driver's name / responsible / s
Payment agreed (**)

(*) Take it in to account: During high season it is normal for Rent a Car companies to run out of some model or Groups of Vehicles, as a result of continues request for those models. It is normal practice in such cases, switching to a different model as close as customer requested.
Important reminder.- The right proceed in a professional way will be to upgrade the group booked by the client to the nearest model of vehicle without any extra charging, and for a period of time until the Car Rental company has availability of the request model original booked.

(**) Service payments, usually is not completed until delivery/collection of the vehicle upon arrival.
If you privately have agreed payments for the service in advance, you should get attached with your booking and payment confirmation the VISA transaction.
It is also common a deposit towards the final payment of the car rental when you book it. This works to the benefit of both parties, the customer has insured the vehicle needed on arrival, and the Car Hire company a guaranteed of the commercial transaction with the customer.

Documentation must not forget

If usual traveling alone or maybe this is an exception, the responsibility of forgetting any document needed for your trip is less guilty feeling. Here we invite you to consider some of our suggestions:

- Decide size suitcase or hand luggage to use.
- If you normally use some sort of documents folder, congratulations!
If not, we recommend that you seek some kind, to start failing in:
a) Rent a Car vehicle Confirmation
b) Driver's license
c) Hotel Reservation Booking
d) Passport
e) If staying on private property house/Apartment "Keys"
f) Travel check book / Voucher - Currency Exchange
g) Phone Agenda
h) If you do not speak the language, but you like or need to contact local people, "Dictionary"
i) Map of the region if needed
j) Mobile phone charger and plug converters
k) At this point, no one better than you can complete this list ... ...

We advise you to check in advance the documents you will need to make the trip such as passports and visas expire date.
If traveling with family or friends, the night before a social drink to finalize details, or phone call if the companions are not around, is very effective in remembering things, and show good organizational skills.

Interesting facts to consider

Articles and products that can be introduced in Spain:

- Spanish law allowed you to enter without limits what you can bring and carry when traveling between countries within the European Union, provided that it is for personal use. You cannot enter the EU food of animal origin, not even for personal use. The only exceptions are baby milk powder in commercial packaging, and special foods for medical reasons.
- The traveler is authorized to enter Spain, in their personal luggage goods for personal or family use, and those for gifts.
- Currency: Cash permitted quantities up to 6,000 euros without need to declare it.
- Smoking: Over 18 years, 200 cigarettes or 100 small side cigars or 50 normal side cigars or 250 grams of snuff.
- Alcoholic Beverages: You can enter a liter of beverage with an alcohol content exceeding 22º degrees, and two liters if alcohol graduation is lower. Perfumery products are also limited to 50 grams of perfume and 0.25 liters of eau de toilette.

What documentation is required to travel to Spain?

- If European Union citizen can travel with a valid passport or national identity card. All children under 18 will be included in the passport of their parents or guardian, as long as they have the same nationality of the passport holder and travel in with them. If the minor is traveling alone, must provide also with the parent's authorization.
- If you come from a country mentioned below: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Uruguay and Venezuela): Must have a valid passport, allowing you to stay in Spain for a maximum period of 90 days.
- If you're traveling from another country other than those mentioned above, according to the EU criteria rules, you will need to apply for a visa at the Spanish Consulate / Embassy in your country of residence. It is also necessary to have a valid passport.

What do you need to drive in Spain?

- Minimum 18 years old.
- To hire a car, you must be 21 years. There are Rent a Car companies requiring to be holding a driving
license for 2 years minimum, others Car rental companies if you are under 25 you may require extra
- You must hold a credit card when renting a vehicle.
- Have a valid driving license, if applicable EU
- If you are from a different country, you will need an International Driving Permit.

NOTA: De todas maneras sería conveniente que consultaran con la Embajada Española en su correspondiente país antes de comenzar el viaje, dado que las condiciones actuales pudieran cambiar por decisiones administrativas.

What should know when driving in Spain?

Road safety: road safety rules you should know when driving in Spain.
- No mobile phone use while driving, you need to do this through a hands-free system
- When refueling at petrol station should turn off the radio and mobile
- Children under 3 must use suitable seat for their weight and height
- Reflective vest are compulsory If you stop the vehicle occupying the shoulder or curb on the road
- After stopping the vehicle, if you need to immobilize it for damage or any other reason, must mark the position with the triangles signs provide on the vehicle
- Speed limits are established in Spain at 110 km / h on motorways - 100 km / h on conventional roads - 90 km / h rest of the roads and 50 km / h in urban areas
- Rate of alcohol should not exceed 0.5 g /l in the blood - 0.25 mg / l in exhaled air
- The use of seat belts is compulsory at the front and rear seats, with moving vehicle
- Riding Motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles must wear helmets
- Spanish petrol stations sell two types of fuel, diesel and unleaded petrol (95 and 98 octane).

Can you drink tap water?
Yes, you can drink it! In Spain, the water supply is health guaranteed throughout the national territory, some localities are benefiting even from natural spring water in their municipalities. Spain has stringent control systems that guarantee water quality. However, in Mediterranean coastal areas is widespread consumption of bottled water.

Medical care if you come from a EU country

You have the right to free medical emergency and hospital assistance:
You will be attended, privies presentation of the EHIC (TSE) card. Doctor's visit will take place in health center facilities, being attended by a doctor, or if there is failure to transfer the patient, the visit will be attended at the place where you`ll be staying. If the care of a specialist is needed or transfer to a hospital, the doctor will give the relevant approval certificate.

How do electrical appliances work in Spain?

In Spain the power supply for ordinary use conventional devices, is:
- 220 volts, 50 Hertz alternating current.
- Plugs respond according to EU regulations & rules, round pin system.
- In any case, hotels services will provide you with special plugs adapter. Easy to find in any shoping center or electrical shop if you have forgotten despite your trip planification.

Spain is one of the safest countries within the European Union in general terms, however professional advice from public safety experts:

- Prevention is the best solution to not suffer any problems in this regard.
- If you need help you can contact the Police on telephone number 091.

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