Latest news and reviews of car hire & golf clubs hire at Malaga Airport and Andalusia

Cargest wants that all its affiliated customers will be the first to receive our best deals. By that reason we put at your disposal the information which in this section is. We will try to keep you all the updated offers and promotional activities.

We will provide you an active and updated information for the single purpose of facilitating our hire and rental of golf clubs services in Malaga, we can provide you too any other product or some touristical information that you can need to decide to choose (Malaga / Marbella) the Costa del Sol as your holiday destination.

The desires and efforts of CARGEST for the rental of cars and the rental of golf clubs are being rewarded for the high degree of acceptance of such services. They are being reinforced by the high degree of loyalty and satisfaction reporting by our customers.

Nowadays it's very important to keep up with the occupation of the services we provide because such employment is directly related to the price with this service our customers can also keep abreast of these developments.

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