Valle de Abdalajís

Alcalde del Excelm. Ayuntamiento
Sr. D. Alfonso García Carrasco

Geografic location:
Coordinates in GPS
• Latitude: 36ş 56’’
• Longitude: 4ş 41’’
• Surface: 21 km˛
• Altitude over sea level: 358 m.
• District: Valle del Guadalhorce
• Distance to Málaga: 50 km.
• Middle temperature in year: 15,4 şC
• Residents: 2.802
• Next villages: La Joya, Los Nogales, El Chorro

Geografic location:
The Valle de Abdalajís (Valley of Abdalajís) is located in the province of Malaga, in the autonomy of Andalusia. Situated in the south of Antequera and in the north of the valley of Guadalhorce.
In its environment protrudes the mountains of Ab¬da¬lajís, after which the village was named. This mountain is part of the Cordillera Penibética and its karst limestone scenery was already formed in the Jurassic period. Thanks to its location, terrain and weather conditions in this place and its surroundings, it is an ideal place to practice any sport in nature, especially flying (hang gliding and paragliding ...). Excellent thermal winds, due to the climate, gave him the nickname "Air Capital."

Valle de Abdalajís

The origin is probably in the ancient Roman Neskania, although history tells us of our previous settlements. Their legacy was preserved in archaeological finds. Since prehistoric times, the valley of Abdalajís served as connection between the area of the Guadalhorce and the Vega de Antequera. Exceptionally rich archaeological treasures, at multiple sites and archaeological remains in the community, evidence of this. This explains the indisputable historical origin of this region.