Recently a survey was undertaken in the UK to gain an idea of just how much it does cost to bring one’s own golf clubs on vacation. It also included the incredible so called “extras” budget airlines charge for other “services”.

Holidaymakers travelling on budget airlines faced soaring fees for just taking a single bag on the plane and more for golf equipment.
The research covered Aer Lingus, British Airways, Cityjet, Jet2, Flybe, Monarch, Ryanair and Thomson.

EasyJet raised their charge for a bag from £28 last summer to £32 this year whilst Aer Lingus increased theirs from £24 to £36 return. However, a Money survey of budget airlines and-on charges showed that it can cost over £100 to take your golf clubs. On top of this, the necessary insurance to cover damage increases the total even more.

Ryanair was the highest cost airline for bags, credit card fees, name change fees, flight exchange fees and fees for taking on special sports equipment such as golf clubs. They introduced a new high season rate of £70 for a 20 kg bag to go into the hold. The airline now charges £100 return to carry golf clubs which is even more than the cost of taking oneself on holiday! The other airlines surveyed were found to be charging between £50 and £60 on average.

The next cost relating to a golf holiday is that of car hire. Most of these airlines now have partner deals on car hire which were found to be mostly poor value.
Apart from the actual financial considerations to be taken into account, without doubt the most problematic issue is the stress caused when at the airport. There is always an underlying worry , apart from damage, in that extra charges will be imposed on golf club equipment, luggage, administration fees etc. The tests undertaken for example, showed that the total add-on cost for a one week return flight for one person this summer to Malaga was from £34 at Thomson rising to £82 at Ryanair.

Credit card surcharges are another worry. The Office of Fair Trading in the UK found that consumers spent over £300 million on payment surcharges to airlines in 2010 and more last year. The government has indicated it would ban excessive card fees from the end of 2012. Nevertheless, in the meantime, all these factors just add more and more stress to the traveller.

Golf club budget

There is no doubt, there is one way to alleviate these problems and that is by hiring golf clubs and equipment in advance at Malaga. There is one company that has been offering this service for the last year or two very successfully. CarGest Car Hire not only offer a professional rental service for their vehicles but also offer top of the range golf equipment that can be hired bth together at the same time. Because of their excellent past track record, CarGest is expanding this super benefit into the future.

To take full advantage of this stress relieving service, simply contact the company by telephone or e-mail as indicated on their website.

Golf Club Budget


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