What is QR code?

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QR code QR Code (Quick Response Barcode), is a storage system. Similar as a two-dimensional bar code.
Created in 1994 by Denso Wave company, a Toyota subsidiary. Its creators ‘Eugene Damm and Joaco Retes’ strongly believe that this system allows content code read at high speed in a very short period of time. These two-dimensional codes are expanding and becoming globally popular.

The daily increasing of it amenities use is manifested in not having to enter data on the phones manually. The URLs addresses are increasingly becoming common for companies advertising in magazines and other Medias system ads. The use on business cards of QR code is also becoming popular; it does simplify and facilitates the task of entering data for new customers in our mobile phone book.

You can also read QR code from PC, Smartphone or tablet through the image capture devices, to activate it for reading can be used a scanner or cameras, application programs are needed to read the QR data and Internet access to get web directions.
Its code is open a very important detail. The Patent rights (owned by Denso Wave) does not apply, QR’s creator are not imposing the right of it use.
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