Fallas ValenciaIn Spain, there are some events that may be outside of Andalusia but they are so famous that they are part of the overall Spanish touristic attraction and should not be missed.

One of these is the Fallas in Valencia. This is a Fiesta that the city plans for the whole year leading up to the celebrations. It is huge with each neighbourhood of the city organising groups of people that work for the 12 months holding fund raising parties where its famous speciality food, paella plays its part in feeding all and sundry.

Throughout this time, artists, sculptors and painters and many more besides, prepare the most breathtaking of huge figurines. These are normally very satirical and based on anyone who has come to the attention of the Spanish public. They are normally elaborate constructions of papier-mâché, wax, wood and other materials sometimes towering up to a height equivalent a five story building. The characters are composed and arranged in outrageous poses with everyone in the relevant neighbourhood contributing to the creative ideas. The competition between each neighbourhood is keen with each doing their best to attract the best artists who are capable of creating the most striking figurines. These can number up to 500 as apart from the different areas of Valencia, other towns in the region also contribute to the festival.

During Fallas itself, many people wear historical regional costumes epitomising the different eras of the city’s history. Although, others dressed up in more modern attire and you may spot a Barrack Obama lookalike or a double of Lady Gaga or other cartoon figures. Each has its own traditional band and all feature the Valencia drum, ensuring that the music and the beating of the drum draws the maximum attention to their presentation.
Fallas begins on March 19th and it is really worthwhile planning ahead to visit during this time. It is naturally very popular and attracts thousands of visitors who are made welcome by the warm people of Valencia. If you choose to go by car then you will travel on one of the most beautiful and interesting motorways in Spain. From Malaga it winds through the mountains before heading across the beautiful countryside towards Granada. It then continues to enthrall by threading through diverse landscapes and nearby pueblos. Ideally, it should take a comfortable days journey lasting around six hours.

The fiesta itself lasts for two weeks. On the four days leading up to March 19, each neighbourhood organises a grand parade showing off their own incredible papier-mâché artistic figurines. These are normally filled with firecrackers ready for the final day of the Fiesta when every one is set alight and burnt. Then, for five days and nights, there is a continuous party with comic, historical, satirical and religious processions. The crowds spill out from restaurants into the streets. Explosions are continuous all day long and even sometimes through the night. Everyone joins in with the majority of streets set up with their own pyrotechnical display. If that wasn’t enough, each day of the Fallas begins at eight in the morning with a wake-up call. Brass bands appear and begin to march in every street playing lively music and behind them are the Fallas who perform by throwing large firecrackers in the street as they stride through. This rises to a crescendo at 14:00 hours every day of the festival with an explosive barrage of coordinated firecrackers and fireworks. Also at the time, the mayor of the Fallas comes on to the balcony of City Hall. Finally, on the last day comes the burning of the effigies climaxing the 12 months of hard work and the few weeks of deserved gaiety.

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