Though most spanish homes will have a christmas tree many will also have a nativity scene set out aswell some of these are very intrcate others more basic but all very interesting as not only is it  the stable scene but also a depiction of village life in Bethlem and the telling of the Christmas story. It is always worth visit the public nativities -’Belenes’- as the detail and the work involved is incredible, you will often have to queue to see some of the main ones. Christmas eve is traditionally when spanish families gather together for a meal but present giving is done on Epiphany or three kings following the bible story of when the three wise men gave their gifts to the baby Jesus. Many childrens presents however are now given on Christmas eve as the children then have longer to enjoy the gifts before returning to school. Local processions take place on the 5th with floats taking the three kings round villages and towns  and sweets are thrown for the children (and adults if you wish to join in the forray) Well worth a visit to Malaga center on the 5th to see the processions and get involved with the atmosphere.

New Year families gather for a meal and will then share the twelve grapes together one to be eaten on each stroke of the twelve chimes for midnight- if you want to try this look for the smallest grapes you can! If you manage to eat them all it brings good luck for the coming year, many people will gather at town squares to to this to the chimes of the local clocks and it is a really great atmosphere. After this the parties start so pace yourself and be prepared to keep going all night if you can and breakfast on some chocolate and churros before heading home!

Happy New Year everyone


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