Tourism Costa del Sol

Tourism Costa del Sol

In the first half of this year Tourism Costa del Sol has taken part in the organization of different press trips, which were represented by prestigious national and international media which value a lot the brand “Costa del Sol” and its tourism potential of more than 20 countries. This fact is based on dates which were provided by Spanish offices worldwide which work together with this important promotional activities.

Medias from 20 different countries like France, Spain, Norway, Italy, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, USA, Belgium and Poland, among others has visited the region in the first six month of this year.

These press trips count with the collaboration of the Spanish tourist offices, town halls and the Ministry of Tourism of the “Junta de Andalucía”. They decided to visit different locations especially the capital, but also towns like Ronda, Marbella, Antequera, Nerja, Fuengirola, Frigiliana, Benalmadena, Casares and Benahavis, among others.

The managing Director Artur Bernals said that these promotional activities are an important help for the brand “Costa del Sol”, which is especially satisfying because of its transmission which has exit through informatics pieces of great quality and because of the return which provide these pieces.

That`s why Bernal had insisted that for intensifying the promotional activities of the Costa del Sol it is very important to obtain a widespreaded presence in the national and international media. This presence should be positive and give answer to the most important opinion of the world.

Last year they broke participation records with surprising results having in mind the realized investment in the attention to the different medias of communication and the calculation of the advertising repercussion which would suppose the different yet published reports and these which will be published as a consequence of the mentioned press trip.

These press trips, tells Mr. Bernal, becomes to an important tool for selling Malaga and the Costa del Sol as a prestigious frontline media of communication in their origin countries. These media activities, which letting professionals all over the world knowing more about the destiny Costa del Sol, can be realized thanks to the responsibility of fabriactors of the tourism sector of the Costa del Sol. Without their help these activity couldn´t be  realizable.

The press trips show an overview of the offer of the Costa del Sol and the potency of the touristic segments to push the demand. Lots of the trips are about segments like vacation and leisure, luxury, culture and VITA  among others keeping the way to work of segmentation and specialization which the company has been working with for three years.

The way of the King

The big advertising of activity tourism in this year 2015, the Way of the King, has been one of the protagonists and interested a lot of visitors and medias of communication all over the world since its opening.

This 8 kilometers long way, located between Alora, Ardales and Antequera was visited by media of all kinds of information and was also promoted by the large number of websites (communication media, tour operators, travel agents, etc.) which published the opening of this attraction although they could not see it personally.


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