The airlines reinforce their commitment to the Costa del Sol in the months of low season, which shows a higher rate of growth. A report by Turismo Costa del Sol reveals that airlines have increased by 8% the supply of seats to fly to Malaga airport until next May.

The study on the air capacity of this infrastructure points out that until next March the increase in seats becomes two digits, to be reduced to 4.5% from that period until May. Specifically, it stresses that “from March 2019 there is a decrease in growth going from increases of 13%, between December and February, to more moderate increases, from March to May, specifically 4.5%.

There is also progress in the recovery of the British and German markets, which are the main international issuers for the Costa del Sol. In this regard, he specifies that the United Kingdom will record from December to May a 7% increase in air capacity to fly to Malaga airport over the same period last year. It should be remembered that until last October, this infrastructure recorded a decline of almost 5% in the arrival of British in the first ten months of the year, representing the loss of 132,459 passengers from this country, which issued to the Coast a total of 2,578,940. In the case of Germany the expected growth until May is 13%, compared to the cumulative fall from January to October of 6% in the entry by air of German passengers.

The general director of Costa del Sol Tourism, Arturo Bernal, explained that this report reflects “a clear trend of growth in the forecast of passenger arrivals which is good news for the destination that year after year is extending its season. In addition, he stressed that “these forecasts point to the Costa del Sol is working, hand in hand with entrepreneurs, in the right line to alleviate the effects of seasonality tourism and therefore we consider an achievement that the destination maintains this trend of growth.

As for the activity of major airlines is shown in this report that the airline leader in passengers at Malaga airport, Ryanair, continues to grow in passenger numbers, with a quantitative increase of more than 100,000 seats in the same period last year, offering a total of 1,172,000 seats. It also points out as companies experiencing greater increases in air capacity to Norwegian, which will offer until next May almost 30% more seats for the Costa del Sol, which will mean going from 372,758 to 483,595. This is the biggest bet of the fourth airline in Malaga by volume of passengers. It is followed by, with 11% more seats; Aer Lingus, with 10.3% more, and British Airways, with another 10% more air capacity.


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