Recent tourist facts have revealed that the heydays back in the 60s and 70s are returning to the Sierra Nevada. Once again, it is fast becoming one of Europe’s hippest ski resorts.

It has seen the return of the Spanish royals, always a good sign as they traditionally frequent the Pyrenees to ski. Contributing to the real sense that the Sierra Nevada is becoming once again the place to be. It was the destination for the rich and famous who spent much of the year on the Costa del Sol. However, Prince Felipe and his wife Leticia were spotted recently taking advantage of the wonderful snow and skiing conditions.

Sierra Nevada

One local businessman and head of one of the ski schools explained that in the 1960’s and 70’s everyone knew of the Sierra Nevada but somewhere along the way it got forgotten; probably with the avalanche of properties on the Costa itself. But it is finally making its way back again helped with the arrival of better quality restaurants, hotels and accommodation. There is now very much a cosmopolitan feel to the restaurants to be found offering great food at sensible prices. New wine and coffee bars are now apparent along with revamped traditional tapas bars keeping prices pegged and therefore encouraging people to revisit time and time again. Children are catered for with entertainers and Disney figures wandering around at holiday time.
It is also helped that going to the Sierra Nevada is back on people’s travel agendas who now realise once again that some of the best skiing in Europe is less than a few hours away from the Costa del Sol and half an hour from Granada. Particularly, when they realise that it also has the longest season for skiing beginning in December.

With over 100 km of ski runs, the Sierra Nevada offers much more than other resorts in Spain and the Alps can. This being while it’s foggy and cold in the Pyrenees and beyond, most days in the Sierra the sun is shining. It can actually be warm enough to ski in T-shirts, particularly towards the end of the season in April/May. It has been known for young ladies to ski down in bikinis!

Even if you do not ski, the Sierra is a wonderful place to visit with panoramic views that are literally out of this world.The main village is actually called Pradollano, although many people refer to it simply as the Sierra Nevada resort or ‘Sol y Nieve’ which is Spanish for sun and snow. The latter better named as its likely that is what you’ll experience during your visit. Climbing up to higher parts from Pradollano, spectacular views can be found from the many bars on the way to the pristine snow and polar blue skies; ideal for photographers seaching that perfect winter scene. From the top of the highest ski lift, at 3,300 metres, the views make the Mediterraneanan below look like a small pond, with the coastline of Morocco clearly in view.

I you are skiing then a good times to visit the Sierra Nevada is midweek when sometimes you can find yourself skiing alone. Another hint is that any queues for the ski chairs and hoists can be avoided by arriving before 8.30 in the morning or by waiting for midday.

So, by way of a change of scenery away from the Costa, visit this most spectacular of destinations. If you wish to rent a car for your trip then Cargest, the leading car hire company in Malaga, will advise you on every aspect of your journey and help towards planning your itinerary. Further details can be found within their website.


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