The most smiling city in the world is Malaga

On January 21, 2019, in Malaga City, by admin

A study by Meik Wiking, director of the Happiness Research Institute. He has worked in different European, Asian, North American and African cities, reaching the conclusion that the most smiling city in the world is here, in Spain. Yes, it is Malaga!

The study also explains how in New York a few years ago, a man was lying on the floor in the middle of the crowd without being listened to. In fact, passersby surrounded him, trying to get as close to him as possible. A similar situation occurred in Myanmar, where a man fell to the ground because of the stifling heat. Quickly, a crowd surrounded him to ask how he was doing and the vendors brought him water and a blanket to lie down on.

After this, Wiking discovered that there are certain patterns of behavior according to the country. In Italy, for example, citizens usually go hand in hand, in Vancouver people walk their dog and in Mexico people eat on their journeys.

Here’s a list of the ten happiest cities in the world:

  1. Malaga (Spain)
  2. Milan (Italy)
  3. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  4. Copenhagen (Denmark)
  5. Madrid (Spain)
  6. Montreal (Canada)
  7. Guadalajara (Mexico)
  8. Stockholm (Sweden)
  9. Lisbon (Portugal)
  10. Riga (Latvia)

From Malaga, we wish you a happy day with a wide smile!

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