HispacarThe rise in the number of online car hire comparison websites like Holidayautos, Doyouspain or Travelsupermarket does not necessarily makes things easier for travellers who are looking for the cheapest car rental in Spain.

Most tourists who use these sites to book a vehicle in Spain do no buy on quality, but exclusively on price. In order to be competitive car hire brokers are forced to offer very attractive base prices online. One of the few ways to achieve this is to use companies who cut the basic rental prices to the limit. By doing this rental companies can only make a profit if they increase the cost of a full tank of fuel or if they sell additional insurance cover.

A quick check on the price of a week’s car hire in Alicante through the online broker www.hispacar.com in late October shows a pricetag of 50 pounds per week including basic CDW insurance. If you include the cost of full cover (no insurance excess) for theft and damages increases the prices to 78 pounds. This is still much cheaper than for instance with Europcar in Alicante, which charges well over 100 pounds for a vehicle from the same category. This price almost doubles when you include a full insurance to cover al exceptions of the basic CDW.

Ideally a customer should know the name of the local car rental company, the price of a full tank of petrol and the cost of additional insurance before booking online with brokers like Amigoautos, Economycarhire or Autoeurope.



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