Tourism Costa del Sol

Tourism Costa del Sol

Between January and august of this year 3,4 millions of travellers have stayed in hotels, an increase of 4 %. Mr. Bendodo is sure that employment and corporate profitability will keep full growing.

The latest dates of the conjuncture of the hotel sector show once again the historic growth experienced by the Costa del Sol this year. Between January and August 2015 the region of Málaga has broken the historical record of overnight stays and has its second year con more travelers.

The overnights stays have the most important progress, which for the first time in history, have bet the barrier of 13 million: 13,138,438 exactly, 3% more than in the same period last year. The second best date of this series was received in 2014 (12.757.201), just in 2008 (12.495.098) and 2013 (12.211.970) there were more than 12 million according to figures from the National Statistics Institute.

The number of travelers keeps increasing as well. In the first eight months of 2015 3,443,777 tourists have come to hotels, 4% more than in 2014. Just in the year 2008 there were more (3.511.563) having in mind that the bloom of extra hotel establishments of the last years and its weight is much higher now than in the past.

The president of Costa del Sol, Elías Bendodo, has stood out that the hotel dates countersign an uptrend which never has been lived in the region before, with regcords every month which predict a 2015 exceptional.

Furthermore he told that the employment and corporate profitability are indicators which don´t let us have doubts about the great moment which has the Costa del Sol at the moment. In this sense, the average number of employees of the hotels in the region is about 11,681, 2.5% more than in 2014 (which is a little bit higher than 15,000 in months like last August).

The occupation also keeps growing, with 60% on average during the whole year (+2.7%) and nearly 82% in August. Finally, the number of seats keeps on more than 83,500 (almost 97,000 in August).


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