Sierra NevadaThe popular Spanish ski resort, Sierra Nevada, is making preparations for the possibility of there being no snow in the forthcoming 2013‐14 winter season. The well known competition resort is ready to run the first tests of the planned system to ensure it is safe to be used, with the system including of three last generation ‘snow cannons’ and twenty new hydrants. The purpose of the testing is to ensure that the resort, which maintains many of the professional ski tracks such as the Sulayr Snowpark and the Prado de las Monjas, is kept in the best condition possible with the approach of this year’s ski and competition season. This move has come as a result of fears of the effects of climate change and what impact this could have on the resort. The weather has heated year on year, so this is something that has had to be considered for the future of the resort. A spokesperson for the resort has stated that “Sometimes we don’t have enough snowfall. Last season almost didn’t snow at all, so we were forced to arrange this system to ensure that this year everything goes smoothly.”

Sierra Nevada has always attracted a vast amount of visitors, due to how unique the resort is. The feeling is surreal when you are able to view the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of North Africa whilst strapped to your skis or snowboard and is something that sets Sierra Nevada apart from other popular ski resorts. The brightness of the sun reflecting off the snow whilst it beats down perpetually on the visitors is a beautiful sight. There are not many places where skiing enthusiasts can experience the combination of sea and snow, something that the Granada region especially offers to its visitors. The four thousand feet of snow that face you is a delightful prospect as you stand at the top and prepare to ski down the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the South of Spain.

Pradallano, the village that sits at 2000 meters, is the focal point of Sierra Nevada. The number of visitors that travel to the destination is growing year on year and attracts a range of people, including the British, who have always appeared to be fond of it. The seasons in Sierra Nevada start earlier than most resorts, and as we approach the winter months, it is a great time to start preparing for a trip to the resort. The lifts reach heights of up to 3,500 meters, guaranteeing the perfect weather for taking on the slopes. It is a fantastic place to visit and if you have not previously done so, it should be a destination on the list for the future. In comparison to the Alps too, where this time of year shows a real lack of snow.

The website discloses more useful information for those planning to travel or for those interested in the process of the snow production. The resort is well prepared to ensure the opening of the resort every year with fantastic quality snow, even when there is zero rainfall. The system that is in place there is the largest that exists in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. The team at the resort state that ‘this facility has been the main investment effort in the services of the ski resort in order to offer skiers and snowboarders under optimal conditions during the winter season.’Read more on the Sierra Nevada website.


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